discouraged in getting to Charity

  1. I need some advice. I have been attending Delgado and taking my pre-requisites for Nursing. I already have a degree from SLU in Hammond, LA in Business Ed. When I went to see which courses that I would receive credit for at Delgado, I was given the incorrect information. I was told that my math qualified for Math 118, When I received my letter from Charity explaining that I did not get in because I was not registered for Math 118 or had already taken it. I cannot believe that because I was given the incorrect information, this has happened. I really want to be a Nurse, and have been looking forward to getting into Charity.

    Nursing will be my second career. I will also have to take the new entrance exam for Charity. My question is do I have to go through the year waiting list again? I am very discouraged about the whole situation.
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  3. by   mstoussaint-smart
    I would cld charity to see if u register for the math 118 class now would it be okay. Could u get in for the fall 08? but if not u would have to wait one year.
  4. by   hs2005
    I would try to meet with someone at charity to go over your transcripts because I would think the math requirements for a degree at SLU would fulfill their pre-reqs. One thing I have learned in dealing with Delgado is to always keep copies of everything and get things in writing. I was in the same boat you are in with going back to school and it can be very frustrating at times, but it is a good school if you are able to accept they are not always the most organized.
  5. by   dsoginer
    Since you already have a BS why not try for OLOL College's AN programs at Tulane, West Jeff or East Jeff? To get in you must have a 4 yr degree and the pre-reqs they require. Call OLOL (Our Lady of the Lake) in Baton Rouge and get a packet. The program is 9 mths, you receive a stipend ($600.00) a month (at Tulane, not sure about the other programs) and Tulane pays the tuition. The best part is that programs start in the Fall and Spring.

    I was accepted at Charity but decided on OLOL. I started in August and will finish in May. It is such a tough program but 70% of us are still hanging in there.

    Of course I am assuming that your degree is 4 yr and not 2.
  6. by   Sunshine0425
    I hate to tell you this, but I had a similar experience with them. I had flown down here in 04 from another state to take the PAX test knowing I was moving down here soon. I flew with my 4 week old baby to go take the test and guess what....THEY LOST MY SCORES!! I kid you not, and then they said 2 of my classes were not sufficient to their's. I was furious. I had found they were EXTREMELY disorganized. I ended up going through OLOL accelerated and am now a happy RN going back to school again this semester. Charity is a good school, but I think it can be a big headache trying to get in.
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  7. by   justblink
    Delgado didn't want to accept one of my higher-level math classes from Tulane. I was like "y'all are kidding, right? a community college isn't going to accept credit from a University?!"

    You can always appeal, and should do so ASAP. They are relatively accomodating on the 6th floor at school.
  8. by   southlandrn
    I had a similar experience with math credits. I was told NUMEROUS times, by the admissions dept. and by my advisor, that all my credits had transferred, no problem. Then one day in the middle of class I was paged overhead to the admissions office where I was told that no, I in fact needed to take a pre-algebra 3-hr credit class. Now keep in mind that I already had 5 hours credit for algebra and trig, and I had credit for a statistics course. But they changed their program somewhere along the way and no longer accepted statistics for math credit. And I needed 6 hours, not 5. So I was one hour short on a math credit. I ended up having to call LSU-Shreveport to have a page from their old catalog faxed over that had a course description for a computer class I had taken. The woman in CSN admissions submitted it to the dean for approval, and I found out several weeks later that it was indeed approved and accepted. If it had not been, I would have had to take that math course over the summer months.
    Yes, unorganized.
    Oh, and the option of presenting it to the dean for final approval was made only after I was in tears, wailing and wondering what had happened, why it had already been approved, etc. And I think I had to suggest it.