Delta college! (Rant)

  1. I was suppose to start school for my 3rd and last time after 3 years. I went to my meeting with the board to try to get in. I was so motivated and knew I had it in the bag. Well apparently I did not.
    I went in the meeting and say down the ladies started grilling me with questions telling me
    How I couldn't do school cuz I have 2 kids
    What ima do when My kids father decides he doesnt want to pay the bills anymore
    What ima do when me and My kids father break up
    Who gonna watch the kids when my kids father decides he doesn't want to watch them anymore
    How 2 years is too long of a program for me
    And how I need to do medical assistant because they get paid the same
    Then they asked me where do I work
    How much do I get paid
    Who pays my insurance
    What year is my car
    How much is my car note is
    Did I do the math about how I am going to pay for everything and going to school!
    How I need a plan!
    All of this to get back into school that I will be paying for out of my pocket. A $23,000 program. They have given me my validation and I am not returning to this school. Is it just me or is this too personal. I left in tears and in shock that they do this to people.
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  3. by   ashley.wilson
    Wow really! I would think that they would be happy you trying to better you future for you and your kids(this is also the reason I'm going back to school) I would not listen to them and try somewhere else somewhere they want to help you with your goals not be little you you can do it!! Just keep your head up and whenever your down think about your kids to keep you motivated!!!
  4. by   ashley.wilson
    ... And it's none of their business how you pay your bills
  5. by   lilREDthang
    Thank you so much! I was I'm complete awe that they would do that to a person that is trying to be a student.
  6. by   ashley.wilson
    Yea that's pretty bad but there are tons of other options besides them so don't give up!!
  7. by   lilREDthang
    I really appreciate it!
  8. by   ashley.wilson
    MOMS UNITE lol
  9. by   lilREDthang
    Lol yes
  10. by   Nathifalr26
    You need to find another school. I'm just as shocked for you. My mouth dropped open when I read this! That is none of their business to ask you those questions. How dare they?! I have never heard of any school asking a student such personal questions in such a degrading manner. I'm sorry but that is ridiculous. I hope you look for a different school that is actual willing to be supportive for you. Things happen in life but that doesn't give anyone the right to make that determination for you much less a nursing program that you are deciding to enter into. And the audacity to tell you to do Medical Assisting because the pay is the same?! I'm an MA and the pay isn't the same. I'm sorry, that is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life. Please, find another school. Don't give up. It's better that you know now than you putting your hard earned money into a school like that. That is just crazy. SMH.
  11. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    I'm just going to say this, when one door closes, another one opens! Move on to the next. There are so many nursing schools these days, you can get into somewhere else with half of the hassle. No one has the right to step on your dreams or tell you what's best for you! And Medical Assistants do not make the same amount of money as Licensed Practical Nurses. It seems as if she was trying subtly tell you that you weren't good enough to be a nurse. I'm appalled! I say go somewhere else, get your education and then go wave your license in her face! Good luck to you!
  12. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    When one door closes another one will open. It is not meant for you to go to that school and you will have a bigger and better plan.

    Who are they to tell you that you cant do the program with two kids? There are a lot of people who goes to school with more kids. Who said anything about your kids father leaving? Would if he doesnt? Those women were to rude and personal they didnt have the nerve, they had the AUDACITY to even go that far. I would have put them in tbeir places then left smdhh
  13. by   Okie36
    I agree that you do need a plan.. But it CAN be done ...I am halfway finished and I have 3 kids, mortgage, car, etc....don't get discharged!
  14. by   lilREDthang
    I have a plan. My plan was work 2-3 days during the week and 1 weekend every other week. And attend school 6-10pm. They told me that was bad and how will I see my kids. And I really do feel like they were trying to belittle me. They told me no that's not a good plan for you. You need to go to school 8a-320p and work 5-whatever. I DO NOT see that being a good plan. Is it just me?