Comparing Nursing Schools in New Orleans

  1. Hello everyone! I am looking to transfer to a nursing school in New Orleans next fall but I am not from the area or even LA so I am not really sure which schools are highly rated and well liked. I am looking for a BSN program and have found some that seem good at LSU-HSC, Loyla, and Our Lady of Holy Cross. Does anyone have any information about these schools as far as accreditation, how students like the school, and job prospects after graduation? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   bballbrownie
    Ok so just to amend my previous post...after a little more searching I determined that Loyola only has an RN to BSN program which is not what I am looking for. So does anyone have any info on LSU HSC New Orleans or Our Lady of Holy Cross?
  4. by   knraymo
    Well LSU-HSC is a really good school but it is also really hard to get into.
    You need to go to the website and look up the application criteria.
    The dealdline is this friday to apply for admission for next fall.

    Holy Cross is also good and not as competitive but it is really really really expensive!
  5. by   scared88
    Ever considered Charity? It is the nursing school of Delgado Community College. It's an ADN. I applied there and LSUHSC. I might have already replied to your thread in the Louisiana Nursing Students section about LSUHSC . Our Lady of the Holy Cross had too many pre-reqs that I was missing that I really don't feel like taking. It is also extremely expensive as well.
  6. by   prinita37
    I assume by now you have found a college or university to attend for the bsn degree. If you haven't, check out dillard university in new orleans. It is expensive, but worth it.
  7. by   OnOn2NICU
    I applied to OLHCC. I was really impressed with their program and the administrative assistant was very helpful. OLHCC has a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX and I have heard that their nurses come out of school very well prepared for the floor.