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Anyone know a place I can go to for the CPR class. A few places I have called are booked until February. I still havent reached East Jefferson but Im not optimistic about what they are going to say.... Read More

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    Quote from biogirl
    Can you give me more info on the class at Delgado? How do I sign up? It would be much more convenient for me rather than waiting for the Red Cross class in January. Thanks!
    Call the delgado ems department @ 504-671-6221. Sometimes they take a while to answer, if you cant get in touch with them. If you want the instructor's cell phone# private message me.
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    Quote from MartinEMT
    I'll be there as well. Just hope I remember to bring some cash for the class and the card. $55, geez!
    You can write a check but you would have to write out two. One for the class and one for the card.
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    Thanks again, I did get in touch with them so I'll be there as well.
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    cool deal, see you guys there