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I am really disappointed in myself after this semester. I tried to take some of the more difficult classes this past semester, without realizing that easier classes meant better GPA. I took Micro, API w/lab and Math 128. I had to... Read More

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    Congrats nursenikki316! I'm still going to apply. I have my TEAS study guide and plan on studying my butt off. If I do get a rejection letter, I will appy to the LPN program in May with RN hopefull. I will have all of my RN pre-req.s out of the way and I have to wait for Charity anyway, so I might as well finish the LPN program and go right into the ADN program. Did that make sense? I might have a better shot at getting in after this semester anyway. RN hopeful when did you take your TEAS? I think the ADN bulliten now says you can retake it after three months. I don't think a 3.1 is bad at all! I've read before on this site that you should just have at least 3.0. So why don't you study, study, study and try again! We still have until Feb. 26th to apply and we're both in the same boat. Where do you stand with your pre-reqs? Please don't lose the faith RN hopeful!!!

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    Beejaycee I am trying to get in touch with you but this forum wont let me send PM's for some reason and I cant post my email address. I am going to try and post on 15 forums because it says I cant message anyone until I post 5 times favorably. Thank you so much for replying to me!!
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    I sent you a PM.

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