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Hi! I noticed that there were a few people around the forums that were going to apply to Charity for spring of 2014. I was wondering if Charity would accept a HESI score that I took for LSU? LSU was my first choice and now it's... Read More

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    You shouldn't have any problems getting in with a score of 80. But who knows what others are going to be applying with. I got in with a 75. Ill be starting in the fall. Good luck and let us know what happens!!!

    p.s. when the time comes, don't feel bad about stalking your mail carrier!!!
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    Hi, and congrats to everyone who got in for the Fall 2014!
    If anyone needs a blood pressure cuff (I barely used mine in level 1) I have one I'm am trying to give away. It is brand new! Please direct message me if any new or current nursing students are interested!!

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    @naeema_rnhopeful; Hi!! I was wondering, did you get accepted?! I have a 75 profile score as well, and I am not feeling very confident!! Sent off my applications on Monday, so hopefully I get in!!
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    Hey. I have a question for those of you who have already entered the program. For the ebooks, how much space do they take up on a tablet/ipad?
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    I have it on my iPad and it doesn't take up too much space, but I only downloaded the books we needed on my iPad and I have all the books downloaded on my computer. Hope this helps!
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    I GOT IN!
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