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Hi! I noticed that there were a few people around the forums that were going to apply to Charity for spring of 2014. I was wondering if Charity would accept a HESI score that I took for LSU? LSU was my first choice and now it's... Read More

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    So have you guys gotten everything done besides the CPR and TB?

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    I just had my second TB done yesterday, going to have it read tomorrow... CPR done, all other Health complete... just waiting on the LSBN letter for clinical. I do realize that I did my TB early... I didn't want to cut it down to the wire... too much stress flying around lol
    Next year does not require a 2 step test, but I will have to have it done before the end of Fall semester.
    The Spring 2014 sections with times and instructors are up on LoLA if anyone was not aware. Just throwing that out there. I have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choices ready for Reg. day... I just want to start!!!!!!!!!
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    You are on a roll. Yes it is winding down and deadline have to be met. Thanks for the Lola info...I will have to check that out.
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    Ok...I go for CPR December 2...I'm getting the blood test for TB probably Friday after thanksgiving if they are open or go on the 2nd...I knw it's cutting it close but that's when they told us to go...oh well...
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    I also have my choices lined up too...ready for midnight December 18th...I'm excited and nervous
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    How do u knw if the professors/instructors are on the West Bank or not?
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    I don't know if this link will work, but it lists the Instructors from Fall 2013 with their Clinical Hospitals...
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    It doesn't...u knw where I can find it on their site?
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    Yes! Got to, Under the "Locations" tab go to Charity SON, in red letters click "CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION", and in red letters again click "SECTION NUMBERS FOR FALL 2013:", then click "Nursing I".
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    What time is the CPR class scheduled for on Dec. 2, 2013? #tracemee

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