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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

  1. by   hello6921
    Second level student here. Well, it depends on the instructor on the phone/no phone rule. I was able to use and bring my phone last semester to look up meds & develop care plans but this semester, phones are a no-no with my instructor. I have all my texts in hardcover books but all my references books in app form; there are really good apps on the Google Play Store (Android user here) for nursing. For tablet vs laptop, it's just preference. I do have a Samsung Note 10.1 tablet that uses a stylus so I can take notes and write on my powerpoints instead of printing them out.
  2. by   tired_of_waiting
    If you can afford it I'd recommend an Apple Ipad. They work wonderful with the ebooks! I havn't had any problems with the app on it for the ebooks. I feel as though using a laptop is too much "bulk". The ipad is more personable, and you lay down, sit, whatever with it comfortably. Its definitly alot nicer having all my books on my ipad vs throwing around and carrying heavy textbooks everywhere. So def give it some thought..
  3. by   cloewe4950
    Thanks for the imput. Still undecided. I like the idea of the ipad b/c I can write on the power point slides but then I can't multitask on it. Other than using ebooks what else are you using the computer for?
  4. by   cloewe4950
    Those of you who live on the Northshore (Cov/Mand area) how long does it take you to get to Charity in the mornings when you need to be there for 7:30/8:00. Trying to figure out how early I need to have someone come to the house to watch my little girl.
  5. by   Occy
    I use my computer for everything. Research, papers, clinical paperwork, etc. And it usually takes about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to get to school. Sometimes a little bit less depending on traffic. But usually about an hour on average. But I like to be early for parking and getting settled before class. Also it is usually a good time to review a little bit.
  6. by   cloewe4950
    Thanks occy. I think my computer will work just fine. That's not to bad for drive time. Figured I miss most of the cw traffic bc of leaving early.
  7. by   heather0208
    Any second level students out there with any advice on instructors for our second semester?? Any pointers are appreciated! You can PM me if you need to
  8. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    Hi, Cloe! North shore student here... I would say in the morning during rush hour traffic, definitely leave an hour and a half before class, bc you NEVER know what is waiting on the other side: there could be fog with a convoy across the cw @ 35mph, an accident on the cw, or worse - an accident on i10, which always takes at least 30 min to get through. Having said that, most instructors ( if enough students are late) will excuse it, but you still lose the class time. I had 1230 classes this semester, left 1:15 before class started (mostly made it 20-30 min early) and still ran into a few snags with traffic due to accidents/fog. Crazy, right? Good luck!
  9. by   cloewe4950
    Can someone explain "patient pick up"? If I understand I would go to the hospital on Monday if clincals were Tuesday and Wednesday to do this to "get all the info from the patient/chart" to be prepared for the next day. Are we given a certain time to go in to do this? If clinicals dont start for the first 6 weeks does this mean there is no class on Monday? Thanks for the help!!
  10. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    Hello, again, Cloe.

    Pt pick-up is, as I understand it ( I say as I understand it bc my instructor decided she'd just give us our pt info on the day of clinical- so basically I wasted money on my lab coat, which is to wear for pt pick-up btw), when you go to your respective facility and are assigned a pt. This means you will gather critical information about them that will help you to develop a care plan (diagnoses, signs/symptoms, medications, lab values, etc.). They do this so that you have an opportunity to prepare for the kind of attention your pt will need. You are typically given an hour at the hospital to gather pertinent info from the facility intranet, but the time you will put into developing your care plan once you get home will take anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on how well your instructor conveys expectations, how swift you are at applying the nursing process, and how efficient you are at mapping out the information you have gathered (this will all be explained to you later, I think you are a little ahead of yourself, but aren't we all???).

    Finally, No class on Mondays for the first 6 weeks is correct. Good luck!!!!! And DON'T QUIT!
  11. by   cloewe4950
    Thanks....trying to get childcare arrangements in place.
  12. by   tired_of_waiting
    Some instructors have their students do patient "pick-up"and some do not. Mine does, and what we do is every Monday (we can go any time between 10am-6pm)go to the hospital, find out our patient, log onto the computer and look up their chart. After that you go into their room, introduce yourself and ask them some general questions and then your done at the hospital( it really should take no longer than an hour to do all this). Once your home, you look up their meds and diagnosis and present this info with your clinical group during pre-conferance the following morning. You take care of this patient for two days (tuesdays&wednesdays). Our clinicals last from 7 am til 1:00pm, and yes you do NOT have to worry about this for the first 6 weeks. Hope this helps!
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  13. by   marchmadness
    1st semester almost overrrr!!!!
    -Counting down