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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

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    @mcphierce, I was at yesterday's info session too! There's so much I feel like I'm definitely going to forget something. I love on the westbank but work downtown so I could totally do a CPR class uptown. Let me know what you find out.

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    Quote from tmlegros
    Does anyone hav any idea what a typical schedule looks like for a 1st year Charity student? It would be nice if they could mention that upfront so we could get our life in order. . . . thanks for any help.Also, maybe all the northshore folks could reply to this post so we could maybe discuss car-pooling? I know there's three of us at least. That would save so much money!
    @tmlegros, I am completely down with carpooling! The only problem will be if we can't coordinate our class/clinical schedules. I was able to go on Charity's website to find the Fall schedule, but I'm not sure if our's will be the same. It might give you an idea though. Click on "current students" then "registration information" then "continuing students" scroll down to "section numbers for Fall 2012" by clicking on Nursing 1 and Pharmacology 1 it will show lecture days/times and clinical days/times/locations.
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    I also live on the westbank but wouldn't mind taking a CPR class uptown. Those classes are always better to go through with a group If you want you guys can email me about the classes at (You can also find me on facebook w/ that email address!) I turned in my packet for the LSBN on Tuesday! Felt good to get at least one thing crossed off that list! I keep stressing out that I'm going to miss a deadline. Next week I'll be shopping around for cheap vaccines/titers, but I'll probably end up going to that place on Canal st. they talked about at the session. Seems like they're used to dealing w/ Charity students and (most importantly) cheap!
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    @jadeboots, yay! We will def carpool once schedules come out- I'm pretty sure we are all in the same exact program. I also have another friend here on the northshore who would most likely carpool, so that will be great...How do we exchange personal info???
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    @tmlegros, since it won't allow me to send you a private message you can send me an email at We can exchange our info that way
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    Hello future classmates! Does anyone live on the Southshore? Metairie? I'm trying to make connections for study groups, clinicals, etc.
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    @valleygirl828- I also live on the southsore. I live in Laplace which is not far from you!
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    I live in New Orleans, I am not sure if that is southshore or not? Is it?
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    @kristennola- New Orleans is southsore. Anything north of the lake is north shore!
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    I live Uptown, so I'd love to get in on the Southshore study group/clinicals

    Still gathering information on CPR classes...I'll post my findings in the next day or so!

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