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Charity SON Spring 2012

  1. 0 Hello all,
    I have been looking around at the website for a while now but just decided to join today. Am about to apply to Charity SON for the Spring 2012 class. I just took my TEAS two days ago and got a 84.7 which brings my profile score up to a 70. I'm pretty sure this is a competitive score but I'm getting freaked out because I keep hearing that Charity is accepting less and less people each year. Is anyone in the same boat as I am? My application is due Feb 28 and then its going to be a while before I even get the accept/denial letter, but the suspense is already killing me! Its going to be a long few months ahead of me.
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    I am currently a Level 3 student at Charity. I believe a 70 IS a competitive score. I don't have any insight as to whether the school is accepting less students, etc. In talking to other students and reading comments on this site, it seems that around 50-55 is usually the cut-off.

    Good luck!
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    I applied for Spring 2012 back on December 9 (I do things wayyyyy in advance). I am about to graduate in Pre-Med from LA Tech University in May, so I have alot of extensive study in biology and chemistry, but I don't have a very good GPA. I made a 85 on the TEAS, and all my pre-reqs have been completed within 4 years. I'm scared too! I applied to LSU and got called for an interview, so that's exciting--but they give everyone who meets the criteria for admissions an interview. I just want to get into nursing school in NOLA!!! I'm so ready to start!
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    And I have 2 years of work experience in the ER. I have all these things for me, but I really don't know if any of it will make a difference. sigh.
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    whats ur gpa? dont worry you will get in
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    Hi do you know which version of the Teas you took I am retaking it in two days and just found out it might be a different version than what i am studying for. I took it over a year ago. Thanks for any advice.
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    I just responded to your PM. I went back and looked at my score sheet. You are studying the right one, it was the 3.0 that I took September. Good luck
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    Did anyone hear if they got in for spring 2012 yet?!
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    They're picking the applicants this month for spring '12!
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    Good luck everyone. They sent the letters for Fall 2011 3 weeks earlier than they usually do. Also, I was not accepted, and it seems like they send acceptance letters first, then the denial letters. It could have just been a coincidence though.
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    Any idea what the cut-off score will be for spring 12? I hate waiting!
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    It was 55 last semester, I had a 50
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    What would determine the difference if they raise the cut off or lower it ? I guess it depends on how many high profiles they have not really sure how they determine it.I hope it is somewhere between 55-65 because i have a 65 since retaking the TEAS. Hope the letters come sooner than later.