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Anyone on the northshore applying? Would love to find a group to study/carpool with after we get in!... Read More

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    At orientation they will give you all the info. There is a website they will give you that you have to $142.00 to have access and you upload everything on there and it will have a due date on it. CPR they say to wait until you get close to the due date so it will be certified for the 2 years of school but you don't have to wait you can re certify during school if needed which I will have to do since I didn't start this semester. Most of the stuff you have to wait to do so it will last the 2years of school. If you don't have medical insurance start saving now . Some people paid up to $600 to get shot and blood work done. No matter what I would stat saving money now website is $142, state board app is $62.50,drug test is $40,nurse ins is about $40,CPR varies $40-75 uniforms,sethscope, etc... Yes the the standby by students who didn't get in for spring get in for fall no matter what. If you have a profile score within 5 points of the cut off you will most likely a stand by.

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    At Ashley 2000 do you know how many applicants their taking for the fall.
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    Ashley2000 well that is great that you have a guaranteed spot and you didn't have to reapply. Do you know how many applicants were admitted for the spring?
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    No I don't know how many they are accepting sorry. I'm sure it will be 100 or more depending on readmit students. At orientation for doing there were a lot of students. Get that fundemental for success book if you can cause it will help a lot with how they expect to you to answer questions. I started reading it already myself. It's very helpful for how to prepare for the test and answer questions correctly.
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    We are halfway through March already. Anyone know when in April letters will start going out?
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    I am not sure, but the wait is killing me!
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    I called Charity yesterday and spoke to someone in the Admissions office and the letters for the Fall 2013 semester will be going out the first week of April 1. I'm already excited, but yet really nervous about all the paperwork we have to turn in.

    Anyone else getting excited?
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    Excited as well. Hoping the time will fly by. Glad you got some info. Guess it is all in who you talk to. I called yestereday also and just got sometime in April.
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    Good luck to all. I hope we all "make the cut".
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    Just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!!!

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