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Hi classmates, Now that the wait is over and the letters have been received and hopefully filled out an returned, is anyone else feeling anguish? It's strange, I know without a doubt that I made the right decision to quit... Read More

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    I received the letter on Wednesday, Thursday morning I called to set up an appt with the advisor but she told me that she didn't get the list of accepted students yet so until then I can't make an appt. my advisor told me that she'll find out before April 9. Has anybody gotten that response?

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    Hi Mamisu,

    Yes, my advisor pretty much said the same thing. She said if I haven't heard from by April 9th to contact her. I'm sure they are still waiting to get all documents back so they can see how many seats they have left over and then fill them with those who were conditioned/waiting.
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    Hi everyone, I was a little confused about the the "general advisor signature sheet" also but I also think it is a mistake.

    The April 21 thing is just an open house correct??

    Okay, I'm feeling really old, I'm 45 years old and will be turning 46 in September. I don't have any kids but I have firends who allow me to rent their kid which I do a lot! I do, however, have elderly parents who can be a challenge at time.

    I emailed my documents in but I will be going today to hand in the originals......just to be on the safe side!
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    I am so nervous about quitting my job, too. I've been there over 7 years now, and the job itself changed in January to something that I'm really not enjoying. - so you'd think I'd be ok w it. Change is rough.
    Also- this weekend I was at a birthday party and happend to meet someone in her 3rd semester at CSN. She was giving me some of the ins and outs stuff and was saying that our group is going to be the "guinea pig" group for the new curriculum. From what she understood of it, everything would kinda be combined together; for example, mental health would not have its own "semester", it would be incorporated along w everything else. The level of what we would do would increase, from what she was saying. I am not positive on it, but for sure- there is a new curriculum and we are the lucky test group! LOL
    So- I wanted adventure- I'm getting it. We're like the army! We'll be ready for anything!!
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    Now I'm really nerrrvouss!! Rmedic, can you please call your friend in Admissions, and ask what the deal is and give us the scoop?? I guess I can just ask my advisor on Fri though. Anyone going to the advising session tomorrow? Thinking about going to that one.

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