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Hello Everyone! I know I'm early but I'm super excited to begin nursing school. I was wondering if anyone else here is planning to apply to Charity for Fall 2012? Are you done with your prereqs? Taken the HESI? What's your... Read More

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    @StudygroupF12, I took my CPR class last night. It started at 5:30pm and we were done by 8:30. It was a nice class, I like how the instructor gave the class, very informative and clear. It was a small class, only 10 of us were there. At the end of the class we took a written test, in which we could only miss about 3 or 4 answers, but it was an easy test. Tomorrow (Wed.) I'm going to pick up my certification card. I'm not sure if I can give the name of the instructor I chose but you can PM me if you want it, I would def. recommend him, I really liked the class and actually my faculty advisor recommended him to me. He charges $35 for the class and $12 for the book.

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    Mamisu, where did you take it??
    Studygroup, They have an online class through St Tammany hosp (don't know if you live over here or not), but you have to go in once to sign up, and go back on a different day to do the skills test. I'm sure other hospitals have it too.
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    I sent u a PM, I'm not sure if I can post names and contact numbers. @Phi823
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    Hello everyone!!! Nobody has been posting any comments, I kind of miss reading something everyday. Are you guys ready for turning in the health papers on Monday? Have you already done it? By the way... I received a letter of LSBN giving me the approval to take clinicals has anybody received letters from them yet??I can't wait to register for classes and clinical sites! We have about 2 more weeks! I'm planning to pick EJGH as my first choice, I hope I get :/
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    I miss reading them too! I brought my paperwork yesterday, and (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF INDIVIDUALS IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) wasn't there so I made the sign of the cross, and left it in her mailbox, hoping it won't get lost. lol I received my letter the other day too for clinicals. I want Oschner Kenner. I hope I get it!!! I'm going o put EJ as second choice. I just want to know my schedule already!! lol Did you buy those 2 books that we need for Orientation?? I got mine off of Amamzon, and I paid $40 for both of them together. Not bad!
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    I'm going to turn in my paperwork on Monday. I want ochsner Kenner as my 2nd choice, it's literally like 5 mins away from my house. Why are you deciding on Ochsner Kenner as your 1st. choice? I haven't bought the books yet or the uniforms! That's good that you were able to find the books cheaper, I'll buy them from there too
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    I chose that one as my first choice because when I went to open house, other students told me not to get St Tammany because of the instructor. I don't want to put any specific details on here though. It sucks because that hosp is 5 min away from me. So, another friend of mine that just graduated said she and other classmates loved the instructor in Kenner. I don't know about the one at EJ though. Yeah, get the 2 books from Amazon. I'm not going to get the uniforms until the semester starts b/c we don't start clinicals until Oct. I think I'm going to get the cardio stethescope from the uniform place because I looked them up online and they wanted like $225, and they are cheaper at the uniform shop. I just need to make sure it's the same brand that I want.
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    Am I the only one who hasn't heard from LSBN?? Anyone else still waiting??
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    Has anyone looked at the new registration site LOLA.

    I went in to see what it looked like and kind of get a feel for the site and I noticed that Basic 112 was listed but Pharmacology 115 was not. Also I'm not sure how we are registering for a clinical site? And, where are we getting the list of clinical sites to choose from?

    Did I miss something? There is so much going on with deadlines, medical records,'s very possible I missed something.
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    I have a question, I noticed that some people got a letter saying that they are "conditionally accepted". What does this mean? Is that a waiting list? Or you are accepted if you finish a pre-requisite before admission time?

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