Charity SON Fall 2012 - page 30

Hello Everyone! I know I'm early but I'm super excited to begin nursing school. I was wondering if anyone else here is planning to apply to Charity for Fall 2012? Are you done with your prereqs?... Read More

  1. by   Rmed4320
    Did you hear anything. I got a letter with request for additional info.
  2. by   Rmed4320
    Should I be worried about lsbn? Does anyone know anything
  3. by   Mamisu
    I don't know any information about LSBN, I received my approval letter in the beginning of the month which I thought it was pretty quick! Were you able to register for classes on Tuesday? If you were able to then I'm guessing you're fine once you send the paperwork you need to send.
  4. by   Rmed4320
    No bc I had health holds. And I can register but have to wait for approval bc I can start class. I sent what they needed today. Just didn't know if I should be worried.
  5. by   cdiane
    So, of course I had a hold on my account. I took the paper work that they were missing up there that day. I asked the lady when she was going to remove my hold and she would never give me a day. I just logged in and the hold is STILL there. Does everyone still have holds on their accounts? Does anyone know when they are going to remove the holds? I'm out of town and will not return until June 12th. I've called the lady several times and I have left messages. She still has not returned my call. I just hope she removes my hold!
  6. by   Beautifulmirror
    Faxed in what they needed and finally my hold is off. So I have a question...when do we register and do we do it in person or online? I think she told me the 13th but I can't remember and I was so ticked off the day she told me is that the day?
  7. by   LA985N
    I had a health hold also. So once your hold is gone, we register June 13th. I guess we can do it online or in person
  8. by   Phi823
    We register on 6/13, but if you go to their website, it says that if we took any prerequisites at another school, we have to register in person. She also told me this info today when I went there to bring the health form things. She did not give me a date for when the hold would be removed though.
  9. by   firrehorse
    Has anyone started the summer reading suggested? I've started reading Fundamentals Success but, I'm averaging about a 65 on most of the test. I'm at a lost on most of the questions so I'm truly guessing. Some of the questions I can google and get the answer. Has anyone else attempted this book yet?
  10. by   firrehorse
    I registered on May 29th and it was a nightmare. Apparently LOLA (the ugly little she-wolf) is not very friendly towards people who transfer credits to Charity I kept getting this error "prerq. or testing error". I had to go down to charity (from the North shore) and have them register me. Of course my first choice for clinical was closed (big surprise). I was hoping they would have the problem solved by June but apparently not.

    Not liking LOLA!
  11. by   Phi823
    firrehorse, that's what they told me yesterday. I would have to go down there to register b/c apparently lola does not recognize the transfer credits? Anyway, I haven't started the book yet, but learning2care has, and she said that basically you have to research all of the answers.
  12. by   Sassy.Bones
    I'm on chapter 2 of the book n by the looks of it,it seems like its all things we should should we study the keyword at the beginin??the answers r given at the end of the chapter but should we research n then answer I'm so confuseed
  13. by   firrehorse
    I've been researching as I go along. Then I check my answers at the end (that's the painful part) and Highlight the right answer as well as the wrong answer so I can see why what I picked was wrong. Not sure how much help it is but I'm getting through the book little by little.

    I'm also trying to analyze why my answer is wrong and their's is right. I find that I pick the answer that could be right but is not the best or primary answer.

    Not sure any of this helps.