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Does anybody have any advice about what to expect ? I've heard so many horror stories about how hard charity is. and I'm a little nervous . ok a lot nervous!!!!!! lol Anybody what to form a... Read More

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    No, her name is Mrs dufrene
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    1. LSU parking for sure...used to not be an issue, but with all the new hospital construction it's impossible.
    2. Stay ahead of the not cram it doesn't work and you want the retention.
    3. Stay away from negative people...all the time you spend complaining is less time you have to study. Not to say you won't need to blow off steam with your fellow classmates, just don't get stuck.
    4. Comfortable shoes for clinicals.
    5. Bring your lunch whenever you can...they only serve stadium food on 7.
    6. Getting a study group together now is may not be on the same team.
    7. Stockpile patience, you'll need it.
    8. Take care of yourself...relax when it's time to relax and study when it's time to study. Exercise if you can. Don't work if you can afford not to do so.

    Graduating in 2 days and I had a great CSON experience, but I'm pretty easy going and studied my butt off. Met friends for life!
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    Thanks @beautifulmirror and congrats. I have one question. What was your study methods because I read somewhere to pass nursing exams all you have to do is study only the material covered in lecture. I'm a bit skeptical. How did you prepare for exams?
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    Hi! I just finished level one. Most of the time I just studied what we went over in class. I also listened to the Tegrity lectures online. However, the teachers do always state "anything in the required reading is testable material". I found that if you mainly focus on the lecture content you will do fine. I ended up with an A in the class and I rarely read the chapters. Charity is a wonderful school. Don't believe all of the horror stories. I agree with the other poster- surround yourself with sweet, positive people. Good luck to all of you!
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    how do you calculate the CSN GPA on the Profile Sheet?