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Ok, I am a student at Delgado Community College and I've applied for the Fall 2012 class at Charity School of Nursing. I know that they go by the profile score, which I have worked on and I know that... Read More

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    Careplans are papers that you do based on your patient disease following the nursing process is not a big deal they have books that you can copy and paste search Internet ect... The first semester they make you do alot of them like 2 each week and it's alot basically my first semester was like the first 8 weeks ur in school alot cause ur learning all the things before you go to the hospital then you start going to Te hospital it takes alot of your study time because Monday's u go pick ur patient and interview the pt the. U have to look at the chart ect takes like 2 if no complications by that I mean that no one else has the chart and ur patient is in the room. Then u go home do the care plan search the pathology all the meds your patient it's taking you have search them when the next ur at the hospital the teacher ask you what is it for you know. So Tuesday and wensday I had clinicals Thursday basics class Friday pharm turn all paper work in for that week and then Monday exam. Nac 1 is easier u have one class exams are every 3 weeks UFO go the hospital every week in basics u go every other week. However they are changing the whole program for new starting students and the way they lecture so itMight be different. The test sometimes it comes down 2 answers that you are like this 2 are right but that's when u read ur question again and realize what they are asking you most of the time it's what is the first thing what's priority what needs further teaching and they have the famous choose all that apply. The tip for test taking is follow the nursing process first asses and know the synonyms for that word because they like to use it like monitor ect if the answer it's wash your hands that's probably the right answer even the second semester u get that question and alot of people gotIt wrong. Follow the ABC airway it's always first they love those questions ever semester at least on nac 1 they had that question on 2 test. Airway( change position) comes before oxygen and circulation. For basics I bought the fundamental success book it help me and I wish I would have bought the Saunders nclex rn review book because it's awesome and it comes with a cd with 5 questions you can choose the area content you want to study it's complete I love it and they have taken questions from there or at least Change it around. Before nursing school started I was freakin out first semester was hell on fire for me especially being an honors student and failing my first exam. U need a 77 to pass the exam. Don't be discourage if you fail the first exam because most people do and then you learn how exams are. Buy the book I told u and u won't regret it read it over The summer.
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    Thank you so much, kubana87, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us a heads up of info about charity. Can we find those books at the school's bookstore? It's 2 books right? I'm so ready to buy them and start reading it
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    Well you can buy them at the bookstore but it's cheaper online.
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    I meant that the cd has like 5000 questions and the book too
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    Just a bit of advice from a senior at charity, DON'T DO IT! Please go to a BSN program that actually cares about its students and can effectively write test questions. You get what you pay for and believe me, if I wasn't so invested I would go somewhere else in a heartbeat.
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    The test questions are not easythat's why it's call critical thinking and that's why thy have such a high passing rate on the nclex. Some questions don't make any since that's why you can contest but most of it requires you to know the material 100 percent or even if you know it you can't answer without some critical thinking. Most of the instructors are really nice and teach you tons there's some that are lazy but its like that at any school.
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    Actually the interesting thing about being a poor question writer is that you end up passing a better question interpreter to take boards. After all, if you could answer 100 poorly worded questions and pass you will breeze through 75 well written or standardized questions. And most of the instructors are nice, but the good instructors dont want to be bothered fighting the bad ones so the current situation at charity is the result. Hopefully the new program will be better for the students.
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    I actually contested 4 questions for The final back up by info and no credits given frustrated lol so ended up with a 84.95 which 85 is a B I was 1 questions away from a B so mad. Oh well what can you do. They did throw out one questions because it said imitate NPO instead of initiate lol I mean I guess no one is perfect.
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    Stumbled upon this exchange in my research about Charity school of nursing. I'm so curious to know how school is going for the new fall students. I too am heavily weighing applying for the school. I work as a tele monitor tech now and want to keep my job through school. I have two children 9&10. Am very nervous as I have heard about how difficult. I am 40 so not a traditional young student. I have womanly questions regarding the day to day of being in school. Anyone out there can help??
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    Thanks for the info I know you probably have graduated already but can you give some follow-up information like what are you doing now, do you feel like charity prepared you for your nursing career, have you started a Rn-BSN program yet, and any other information that might be helpful for interested nursing students.

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