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  1. OK guys i need advice from nursing students!!!!!! Specially does with children. This is the thing, am starting nursing school in august, but my husband wants to have a baby next summer while am off of school ect... I been trying to convince that thats not a good idea bc when school start it will be very hard to keep up with school, baby, husband, house, dog ect.... I need advice from does woman who have children and are in nursing school. I really dont want to have children right now and I want to wait but he is ready omgggg. Nursing school is hard enough+ plus marriage, how do yall do it with a baby? dont they get sick? I heard you can't miss clinicals. I dont know what to think, i dont know what it right. helpppp
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  3. by   lsupanda
    How long is the Nursing program you are starting? If I get into the accelerated program at OLOL, we'll be planning our second child for the summer I graduate. I have a child and I can tell you it will be very hard. Just doing pre-reqs was difficult. If it's a two year program, just plan to start trying in your last year so you'll have the baby after you finish. Sorry this isn't great advice, but my daughter will be in preschool when/if I start in the fall.
  4. by   kubana87
    Yea i want to wait to have it for the last year of my nursing when am done!! ITs a 2 year program. What about clinicals, can u get out if theres an emergency or u baby is all of the sudden sick? god help me lol my husband is older then me he is 31 and ill be 24 this summer. His clock is set and ready for a child but am not quite there yet (not even close) he is so hard headed. I dont know what to tell him to convince him thats why i was asking advice from those ladies that have gone through that!!
  5. by   lsupanda
    I think they would be okay if any emergency came up, but a lot of school won't even let you make them up if you miss. A baby is hard work when they are that tiny, plus, you wouldn't be getting much sleep! My daughter was good and only woke up every 3 hours lol. You can always tell your husband that he would have to do all the night feedings because you would have clinicals at 7 in the morning lol. 2 years is not a long time, especially since you would be trying after only a year in school. Good luck!
  6. by   scared88
    Had a friend of mine tell me what LSU told her when she first entered the program: don't get married, don't get pregnant, and don't let someone close to you die (this one was a little outlandish but whatever). What did she do? She got married and had a baby..had to drop out. That's LSU's program, but I would think it would apply to all nursing programs. I'm sure it's not impossible; i was a one year old when my mother got her RN, and she graduated number 2 in the class!

    I'm curious as to whether or not I could work fulltime while in clinicals in Charity. I've worked 30 hrs a week throughout college..what do you think?
  7. by   kubana87
    am not only not ready to have children because am going to rn school, but am so terrified of having to take care of a child. I dont know how you did with the pre reqs but am taking anp 2 lab and lecture and micro at UNO and am going nuts!!! nursing school is twice as hard to time to spare you have to dedicate all the time you can to study!!!! ahhh goddd help me lol
  8. by   RN2B12
    My opinion is to wait if you can. I have two children. I had my first during my undergrad at SLU and my second last year. Just being pregnant will consume you. For me, it's all I could think about; keep in mind that I wanted to have a baby more than anything at that point in my life, so I was so excited. I was so pre-occupied with just being pregnant that I ended up doing bad and needed to re-take all of those classes. It's a lot harder to repeat a nursing course than an organic chem course. After my first was born it took me about a year to get back to my old self. I think you really do lose brain cells when you give birth! When I was pregnant with my second baby, I ended up having to drive 100 miles (round trip) twice a week so that I could have an ultrasound and be monitored b/c I was having contractions and she was small. I ended up having her 3 weeks early-and she was 100% healthy! It was easier to adjust after my second was born b/c I was already in a routine. Also, I ended up having a c-section for both girls b/c my first was breech and my second had to be delivered early, so you need to take into account recovery time as well. You also need to think about the financial aspect. I have health insurance and still paid a ton of $$$ in co-pays b/c I had to see a specialist for the ultrasound weekly and my pre-natal vitamins (like most) had a $70 co-pay. If you are going to need childcare that even more expensive. I am a stay at home mom now b/c to put both of my children in childcare full time would cost us $1680 a month! It is do-able and many, many people have done it, but you need to think about all situations before you make a really big decision like that. Good luck
  9. by   jabroadwater
    As a recent charity student I can tell you, they'll let you go from clinical if an emergency arises, but it's an absence. Two absences and you are unsat for clinical. Fail clinical and you fail the semester.

    I think you need to decide how bad you want to do this, then have a serious discussion with your husband. You're only talking about two years.

    I hate to be a pessimist and burst your bubble, but honestly, as a new mother trying to go to school, I don't think you'll make it. One of the things a nursing student has to get in their head is NURSING SCHOOL COMES FIRST