Charity Nac1 Advice?

  1. Can anyone give me any advice for nac1? Basics isn't so bad (sorry, I take that back). I passed the 1st 2 exams and I'm just worried about what to expect in nac1. ANY ADVICE WOULD BE HELPFUL!!!!!! I'm about to go crazy.
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  3. by   southlandrn
    Focus on PRIORITY nursing diagnoses! Remember: A-B-C. Also, do not think you will bring up your average on the final exam. My class lost 40+ students with NAC1! So rock those first few tests so you can relax...but don't relax! Good luck! Believe me, you will need it. The final last semester was ridiculously difficult, and covered EVERYTHING that was not covered on the other exams.
  4. by   Mytonezucs
    Welcome to nursing. LOL

    Every semester will be different.

    Since you passed the first two tests you've probably got your study habits in check.

    With every semester it's very important to always hit the ground running. Network yourself. There's always somebody that's been through something you may have not yet done whether it be test, check off or anything related to school.

    Study groups helped big time for me.

    If you're just through two tests in basics I would suggest not worrying about NAC I. It will be here soon enough and you have so many other tasks at hand.

    Just be prepared to give every semester your all. It doesn't let up. It just builds.

    Good luck