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I just scheduled classes the other day and was curious who out there I'd be having classes with. I have pharmacology on Thursdays from 4-7pm and basics in the evenings with clinicals on Wednesday at... Read More

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    Quote from nolamomx2
    The class was nice. The only part that was difficult was having to sit on the floor the entire time and most of that time was spent kneeling over the dummy. Other than that it was fun. We had two tests. The first was the instructors watching us perform step by step. And the second was a written test. Oh, one other thing the class was about 4 hours long.
    Ok I see! 4 hours is a really long time though!! I can't wait to get it over with...
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    The ISBN # for mosby's is: 978-0-323-04937-5
    I purchased the 8th edition from chimes.