Charity clinicals schedule?

  1. I am applying in Spring 2010 for 2011. What is the day to day hours for clinicals? Why do they say you can't work when you are in clinicals? Can you do clinicals on the Northshore? Can you do clinicals at night?
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  3. by   butrfli
    I've been through two semesters at Charity and I can say that some people do find the time to work while in nursing school. It just depends on how well you organize your time for studying, classes, and work. You will be taking a pharmology class along with your basics lecture and will have two days of clinicals every other week for the first semester. They do offer night classes and clinicals as well. I think the night classes start at 4 and clinicals are at the same time but don't quote me on this time. I never took night classes but that's when I think I remember it starts. I certainly never had the time to work and hold a job but I have kids too. If your single without kids or have good family support you may be able to swing the work. Just keep in mind that these semesters are packed with TONS of information for you to read, interpret, analyze, critically think, and study. It takes alot of my time but I also have 3 children who are in younger grade school and I have to help them as well. I wish you luck in nursing. Just be prepared, plan ahead with your studies and you'll be fine.
  4. by   Jenn06189
    For my first semester at Charity I took evening classes. The clinicals are every other week and start at 3:30pm and end at 9:45pm. I worked during the semester, averaging about 32 hours a week. It's not impossible to go to school full time and work, but like the post above said it takes a lot of hard work and a ton of organizing to get through it. My brother finished at Charity a few years ago and worked full time the entire way through, so it can definitely be done!
  5. by   mz850
    Does anyone know for sure if Charity still offers night classes?
  6. by   Jenn06189
    Charity no longer offers night classes, but they do have night clinicals.