Charity class of fall 2011

  1. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has received any other letter other the acceptance? Like orientation letter or I dont know lol. Please let me know if any of yall do because I want to be on the lookout. thanks
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  3. by   BundokSaint
    Hey kubana, I read in the other thread how you had to go to charity in person to have them recalculate your profile score, and how you signed your acceptance papers right there. Maybe they forgot to give you all the other info that normally comes with the acceptance letter?

    Here's a list of everything I got in my acceptance packet so you'll know whether you signed it already, have it already, or need to get it already from them.

    1) Acceptance Letter: which states that the following requirements have to be met to be accepted -
    1. Receipt of the original acceptance confirmation, supplemental information, and signed Technical/Professional Standards forms in the Charity SON Admissions Office (Room 613) by January 14, 2011.
    2. Attendance at mandatory advising sessions in February and/or March. You will be contacted through the mail by the CSN Learning and Student Affairs Office at the end of February. You will receive a letter with contact information about your faculty advisor.
    3. Receipt of the completed health form packet by May 16, 2011.
    4.,5.,6.,&7. are all about proof of completion of the A&Ps, English, Math, and the required GPAs, etc.

    2) Acceptance Confirmation Fall 2011 ADN Class (to be signed and returned)

    3) Supplemental Information Fall 2011 (to be signed and returned)

    4) Technical Standards (to be signed and returned)

    5) Online Forms Completion and Deadlines/Medical Paperwork Information: says health forms can be downloaded from the DCC web page under - Charity School of Nursing, Prospective Students, Health Requirements, Medical Forms ADN. Bring forms with you to the advising sessions that are scheduled in Feb and Mar. It tells about immunization and vaccines needed, and that you have to have a physical examination by your health care provider who has to complete a form and a blood test on you.

    6) Yellow letter listing the Mandatory LSBN and Health Requirements advising sessions: At this session you will be informed of the LSBN rules and given a packet to be completed. You will also be instructed on all health requirements and due dates. Sessions are: 2/28 12-1pm; 3/1 4:30-5:30pm; 3/2 12-1pm; 3/3 12-1pm; 3/4 10-11am.

    7) List of additional courses (NOT mandatory) that you might want to take: NURS101, HESC101, HESC116, BIOL114

    Hope that helps.
  4. by   kubana87
    omg thanks for the info.....they told me to go friday and pick some packet up. So i guess thats what they gonna give me...
  5. by   errnintraining

    Thanks for the detailed info. Even though they told me via phone I was accepted after completing my profile score, I need to have that packet in my hand. I was told it was going to be mailed, that was monday, still waiting........., I'll give them utill wed of this week. I am not sure when they close for the Christmas holidays.
  6. by   kubana87
    i went to pick up my packet this friday. supposedly it was going to be ready but it wasnt. they had to print the papers. i suggest you go pick it up yourself.
  7. by   mkay1202
    I was accepted to charity for fall 2011!!!

    congrats to yall
  8. by   kubana87
    congrats to you ;-) hope we all become good friends