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I am very interested in attending BRCC's nursing program, the only thing is I have heard that they only have 60 postions available and I am wondering how to Enusre that i have a spot. Anyone how has... Read More

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    I got a denial letter and had attributed it to the fact that I did not take all of my courses at BRCC. I took 3 out of 5 courses at BRCC and I took English and my Humanities at SELU. I had 4 A's and 1 C and I got a 96.3 on the HESI. When i called on Monday I was told that I was number 67 on the list. Now, I'm really confused.

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    Congrats Stacy1. I am a transfer from Southern and received my acceptance letter yesterday. I read the forums and didnt want to chance my credits, so I took my pre-reqs at BRCC and made sure I studied for the Hesi and it was a challenge b/c 75% is required on all parts. I wish everyone good luck with studies and I am soooo excited to meet my new classmates in Fundamentals.
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    Emily, I'm sorry you did not get accepted I really don't know what they go by or what they weigh the heaviest. I mentioned that and I said I posted what I have done and my grades and score and a lil background to give more insight or to further confuse us. I'm not sure Your grades are great and your score was excellent. I'm confused as well. I'm sorry and I wish you good luck and prayers for you to get into a program.

    Pink_dancer! Congrats! Hi, I'm Stacey. I'm enrolled in A&PII now, this summer. Are you in this class? If so, we'll see each other! If not, I'll meet you in Fundamentals in August. Good luck & best wishes to everyone
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    Hello, I was wondering if I should retake my classes because I have B's and Im retaking my Psy 201 because I had a C and Im taking History so I can count it as my Humanity. What books did you guys use to study for the Hesi? And when do you take it because Im taking A&P I for Fall. Can I still apply or do I have to wait till next year??
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    Hey Lil Red,
    Yes, it's good that your are retaking those classes. Get good grades. And the study guide book for the Hesi entrance exam is in the BRCC bookstore. It's blue & white with a little yellow on it. It says Hesi Entrance Exam yadda yadda or something like that. Just ask an associate, they'll lead you to the pot of gold. And you have to wait til next year to apply. The application is due in March, and at that time you turn in your application and your receipt from paying for the Hesi test. And you schedule the test. So you turn in you app & your receipt for the Hesi prior to you actually taking the test.

    Good luck to you Lil Red!
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    Hey Stacey1.. I'm taking my pre-reqs now too, I am also a transfer student. I've already completed Math, Eng, Arts with my undergrad..This summer I am enrolled in A&P I and psyc 201. I'll be taking A&PII and psyc 202 for fall. I really want to apply for the spring...;-). How is the HESI? Do we have to pass all parts of the HESI for brcc?

    Congrats to you.....
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    Hi Ms. Tunson,
    Thank you! And I don't know if they're going to change it, but this year, we did not have to pass all parts of the Hesi. Only the Math, Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary we had to past with 75% or better. And I was told that they accepted scores 88-95% Hesi scores this year. I don't know how true that is, but it's what I've heard. And the Hesi test has a biology part and a nursing part, it's not required but you can take those parts if you had time left on your test. They said they were throwing those in there to see if they'll be required for upcoming years and to see how students did on those components, etc etc. In my opinion, the Hesi was easy. I studied for about 3 days and made a 93. I know everyone is different, so get the study book from BRCC library, the people in there will know which book to give you. Study that, and you'll be fine. No procrastinating, really study.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    I finished with X this spring, so I am done with all pre-reqs and non-nursing classes. I will see you at orientation & in Fundamentals.
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    Hey... Congrats. Pink_dancegirl I am taking her in the fall for A&PII, how is her class?? I plan on applying to nursing school in the spring. Did you take micro yet? I wanted to take that in the fall as well...
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    Pink_Dancer I'm in her summer class now. How was it? I like her. I think it'll be ok. Our first test is Monday.

    Ms. Tunson, I took Micro last semester. It was ok. A little annoying, but you'll be ok. I came out of there with a B and I couldn't understand the teacher. I read the chapters and did all the online quizzes. The tests were ok. Just read. I had X
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