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I am very interested in attending BRCC's nursing program, the only thing is I have heard that they only have 60 postions available and I am wondering how to Enusre that i have a spot. Anyone how has any information or is... Read More

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    Ikr! after much thinking I decided it wasn't worth the time and money and Im just to to apply to ulm's nursing program. I have a cousin that just got accepted to delgado nursing school and she loves it!
    good luck!!!!!!

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    Hi Everyone!

    I just have a couple questions for the those who have already been accepted.

    1.) Did you complete all of your prereqs at BRCC (since that seems to be such a big deal)?

    2.) Did you already have any other degree?

    Congratulations to all of you ladies who have already been accepted! Good luck to everyone else!
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    I will be beginning in the fall. (but I'm not a lady!!)

    Yes, I did take all the prereqs at BRCC. I know of students who I had hoped would get in that clearly did not because of the points lost in not taking BRCC's courses. It does seems to carry significant weight.

    I do not have any other degrees. I had extensive coursework toward another degree but decided to "ignore" all of it and start fresh at BRCC.

    Now is the perfect time to start for 2012 admissions. You have two full semesters in which you could probably complete not only prereqs but some of the tougher coursework (Microbiology, A&P 2) if you really put your mind to it.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Quote from dmyles
    so I went to brcc and finally got to talk to the dean of nursing!!! it was an exciting but depressing moment. I asked her to review my grades and give me her thoughts of the chances of me getting in. She smiled gave me back my transcript and congratulated me on getting all As in my pre-req. then she said this " Although you did exceptionally well on your prereqs im going to be honest, when you apply in January your not going to get in because you haven't taken any of your classes at brcc. I hate to have to tell you to retake all of your classes but if you truly want to get in the first go round, I would recommend you taking the classes again, you should have no problem with this because you have taken them successfully at slu with all As but I will have you know if you take the classes here and get lower than an A we will use that because we take the last grade" and I almost cried because God knows I did not want to take those classes over again. Especially ap. She pulled out the list from this year and actually showed me who got accepted and there were only 2 people out of the 50 that got accepted that didn't take all of their classes at brcc but they took one class there and got 100 on the entrance exam. So I asked for her advice. She said "If you really want to get in I can guarantee you that if you retake those 5 reqs at BRCC with a 3.8 and score high on the entrance exam,which is fairly easy, you will definitely get in. Its a numbers game, we give pts for g.p.a entrance score, and 2 points for every class taken at brcc" I shook her hand and she wish me luck! so I def changed my schedule and am retaking those As AGAIN! but it feels good because I know ill get As again in them and I can pretty much consider myself accepted right after i apply in jan! So to to all the pre-nursing students, given the information I was given from the dean, stay focused, make good grades and try to take all your pre-reqs at brcc!!!!
    Good luck to you all!!

    That's exactly why I am at Southeastern. There was no way I was going to retake all those classes.
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    I know this thread hasn't been touched in a while... But I am applying for the fall of 2012 at BRCC. Could someone please explain to me how BRCC's point system is weighted? I have a 3.4 in the required prerequisites, but only 2 of those classes were taken at BRCC. In addition, I have already completed (at BRCC, with an A) the statistics course required towards the end of the program. I take the HESI in about a week. I know my chances probably aren't very good at this point. As far as taking the HESI, I was told that they don't look at your score on any of the Science portions of the test..Can anyone verify this? Hope to hear back from someone. Thanks!
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    At the information sessions we were told that they put the 5 required grades and test scores into a spread sheet and it rank the students and they take the top 60 off the list. They give an extra point for completed all the courses there. You have to make a 75% on all parts of the HESI. I opted not to apply this semester A&P is a killer and a nurse I work with who just graduated from the program advised me to take A&P 2 before applying because its too much.
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    Hi Edelca,

    If things are the same as they were last year, they do not look at the science portion. My advice: get the study guide in the bookstore...its awesome, study proportions (remember cross multiply and divide?!), study all those words that seem to confuse people (affect v effect, its v it's, etc), and get a good nights sleep. Using the study guide for two days before and a couple prayers gave me a 94. They will ask you to do a section on nursing where you will be asked to make decisions about patient care. Do not freak out! They only do that for statistical data, it doesn't count toward the grade! The HESI grade is taken out of Math, Grammer, and Vocabulary.

    Don't be discouraged if people say that scores such as yours have been rejected in the past. It may be true but every year seems to be different and the bar is set at a different height each year. I've heard the staff say as much. I recommend cautious optimism! If you don't get in this year remember that you can retake a couple of those courses, and finish up all the rest of the co-reqs then get in for 2013.

    One more piece of advise: In the case that you do get in, be sure you are finished with AP 2 and Microbiology. Cinnabon is right...I have seen many of my classmates drop out because it is just too much to do those courses plus Nursing theory at the same time.

    Best of luck to you on the HESI and in the coming year!

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    Thanks a lot for your replies so far, I really appreciate it, and especially the encouragement. I am currently enrolled in Micro and Nutrition this semester, and will definitely be taking a&p 2 next semester regardless of whether I am accepted. I have purchased the HESI book from the bookstore, and another book also. Seem to hear great things about the one from the bookstore, so I will probably stick with that one up until my test on the 8th. Once again, I appreciate your help so far, and any more suggestions are greatly welcomed!

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    Hello Everyone...

    I'm new to the site.. Love all the detailed information posted on allnurses.

    Anyone taking pre-reqs at BRCC? I'm starting June 4, 2012 for Summer school, taking Psyc 201 and Math 110 online.
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    Hello All!

    I know this topic is 11 pages, and I would like to thank everyone for their comments and input throughout the years. I have read them all probably 20 times. Thank you for your input and experiences. I have received my acceptance letter to BRCC's nursing program this past Saturday. 06/02/2012 (SO EXCITED!) I know there have been questions and concerns as to how the point system goes for BRCC and GPA and such and everything like that. I can honestly say: I don't know but I will tell you what I have done and what I have heard from a dear friend of mine..

    Ok, so I am a transfer student from LSU, came to BRCC with 101 credits, and these are the 5 prereqs brcc requires for entrance into their program and these are my grades and where I took them:

    Engl 101 - A.. I took at McNeese State Univ.
    College Algebra -B ..I took at LSU
    Psyc 201 - A .. I took at Brcc
    Art/Humanity - A .. I took at Brcc
    A&P1 - B .. I took at Brcc

    and the I made a 93 on the Hesi entrance exam that brcc requires you to take. My dear friend told me that she called Ms. Connie and was told that they accepted the people who scored 88-95 on the Hesi exam this year. She said that weighed heavier than the classes taken at brcc. I know someone who made an 85 on the Hesi and did not get accepted. I know someone who made an 88, an 89, and me with the 93 who have gotten accepted. AND I DID NOT TAKE ALL MY PREREQS AT BRCC and my gpa from LSU was NOT good, AT ALL. So they do take the gpa of those five prereq courses and your Hesi score. I hope this helps. May God bless you all and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! I start with Nurs 110 Fundamentals this upcoming August. OH, and I'm in A&PII now this summer, started today 06/04/2012. Pray for me!
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