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Hi everyone, I am just starting clinicals this fall at LSUE, and I know I am kinda jumping the gun here :rolleyes:, but I was just curious as to how much new RN's actually make just starting out... Read More

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    WOW is "weekend only worker" and must have 2 years experience, works q fri/sat/sunday 12 hr shifts. good for some i guess! so night WOW are earning $49/hr! and that's fulltime, with benefits, etc. PM me if you are interested, I will try to get you an interview on a unit currently hiring WOW.
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    where do you work that is $30/hr. I'm a nursing student and I am looking at my options. Really would appreciate it! thanks
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    A new grad in New Orleans...22.75 is about the going base pay. I haven't heard of anything lower except in BR.
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    Hi everyone

    I have read alot of the reply but no one talk about leesville, louisiana. Does anyone know how much they pay for new grads there. They are offering $19.50/hour, I dont know if i should take it.

    Thank you
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    My ideal salary would be $24 per hour as new grad in N.O
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    I know it depends on how many years you've got, but my mom is making 28.00/hr in a Dr.'s office and my dad was making about $500 a night! Whatever that is an hour I don't know, but he was making about 40/hr with an agency...sounds like good money to me.
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    What hospital do you work at in Shreveport? It is always good to know which hospitals to keep in mind when looking for employment in the future. I'm getting ready to apply possibly next semester for the ADN program at NSU and I've been trying to gather as much info as possible regarding post graduation. I can't wait to start the program, I am nervous but also very excited at the same time. I have been procrastinating for too long.
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    hello everyone. thanks for all the great posts about the new grad salary. i haven't seen anything on the pay for new grads in baton rouge. does anyone know what a new grad working at olol-br, womans hospital, oschner and baton rouge general should expect to start at? any input would be greatly appreciated.

    also, can anyone shed some light on the job market here as well. how long is it taking for the new grads to get employed? if its taking a while, what are the employers saying? are there any new grads unable to land a job?

    just curious about how things are and what the class of 2011 has to look forward to.

    thanks guys!!!
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    New grads at OLOL start at 19.75/hr. There will not be another orientation class until January, so enjoy the holidays
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    I am a nursing student. I have 2 more semesters left. I asked a charge nurse at OUr Lady of the Lake and he said the base pay is 19.75 for beginners and at Baton Rouge General the base pay is 18.50 with $5 more for nights.
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    Does anyone have any current info on new grad salaries at NO and northshore hospitals? Have all of the hospitals discontinued their loan repayment programs?
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    LPN or RN pay?
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    Quote from NewbieEDRN
    Just got hired on at a hospital in New Orleans. New grads start at $21/hr base, $3 for nights, $5 for weekends
    this is for rn correct? do u know lpn?