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Hi everyone, I am just starting clinicals this fall at LSUE, and I know I am kinda jumping the gun here :rolleyes:, but I was just curious as to how much new RN's actually make just starting out around the Lafayette or Baton... Read More

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    New grads at OLOL start at 19.75/hr. There will not be another orientation class until January, so enjoy the holidays

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    I am a nursing student. I have 2 more semesters left. I asked a charge nurse at OUr Lady of the Lake and he said the base pay is 19.75 for beginners and at Baton Rouge General the base pay is 18.50 with $5 more for nights.
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    Does anyone have any current info on new grad salaries at NO and northshore hospitals? Have all of the hospitals discontinued their loan repayment programs?
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    LPN or RN pay?
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    Quote from NewbieEDRN
    Just got hired on at a hospital in New Orleans. New grads start at $21/hr base, $3 for nights, $5 for weekends
    this is for rn correct? do u know lpn?

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