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Hello, I'm new here and this might be in the wrong forum, but I tried. I'll be starting at Charity School of Nursing in New Orleans soon, and I was wondering if someone could give me a heads up to... Read More

  1. by   cajunmom06
    DA, RN
    Thanks for the info. I saved the website on EKG in my favorites and will look at it in detail on break. Do you have any advice for NAC11. Could you tell me a little about it, expectations in clinicals, etc. Are the 1st 2 tests as bad as I've been hearing? What are you expected to do for the management/leadership on med surge? Just curious on how things wll be. Any info you can share is greatly appreciated
  2. by   DA,RN
    if you know and understand that power point on the website that is on my post you already have a great big head start.

    these books are good. :heartbeat

    in this book it explains very well all the rhythms you need to know. the only ones you need to know are on that website power point lecture.

    if you are a visual learner it would help to get this book just for the small section in the back called quick guide to arrhythmias. i learned how to pick out the rhythms very well just by taking a look instead of counting all the intervals all the time. it also tells you the treatments for each arrhythmias right underneath.

    with checkoffs - you tube is the best way to see demonstrations over and over. there are actually professional videos on that site that nursing and medical schools buy.

    medline plus is a government website that you must look at when you don't understand some diseases, tests, surgeries, or diagnostic procedures.

    as far as the tests and how hard they are, don't listen to all that. one test is just as hard as any other one. they are all the same. if they said the first two are the hardest they did not know their heart well enough. study and don't give up. it is all worth it. one last thing. know and understand how the circulitory system works, how fluids get back and forth into the vessels and back to the heart. before you take your nclex , take hurst review lectures on line. you can listen to it over and over for three months. going for one week to the live lectures is good, but not good enough, i think.
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    Quote from rn hopefull

    so do you think that b/c i failed my teas a month ago i should quit trying to be rn? an exceptional student wouldn't have failed the test right?
    it was hard for you having a 3.8 gpa and lots of biology background. i guess that means i should forget about applying.
    those that have quit or flunked out should still be proud. they were actually picked and accepted into the program. that means they were exceptional to start out with. things happen and maybe they were not able to devote as much time as needed.
    i can imagine it must be hard but there are a lot of charity graduates so it can be done.
    to rn hopefull,

    no way! never give up on anything. if others can do it so can you. i think you know that already. if you want it bad enough you can do it. that's all it takes. anyone can fail a test. i know that.
    and you know you can pass that test "teas"
  4. by   su9032
    I'm in my first semester at Charity. I already have a BS and have previously been a teacher and was working on my masters in education prior to nursing school. I did a lot of research and found that there are many good schools to choose from in LA. I went with Charity because I thought it was the best fit for my needs and most of the nurses that I know have graduated from Charity. As far as having several teachers lecturing for one class, that is true. That is a good thing because the different class sections get the same material so everything is consistent which is crucial when we all take the same test. They basically divide up the topics so they aren't all preparing lesson plans and lecturing on the same material. Its a lot more efficient to divide up the subject matter allowing the instructors more time to specialize on their individual topics.
  5. by   davidnikkitylerskye
    My first day of orientation at charity is the day after tomorrow. Can anyone who has already walked the path PM me and please give me some advice on teachers to ask for and look out for? Thanks and good luck to you if you are still on your journey towards graduation!!

    p.s. To the moderators.....I said PM ME lol
  6. by   kmdg28
    Quick question about pre-recs...Do you have to have the Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture and Lab completed by before you apply? Or can you be enrolled, or pending enrollment in it when you apply?

  7. by   su9032
    It depends on the situation. If you take the TEAS and get a good score, lets say 85-90% and above, that's very important. Do you have a degree already, that counts too. I took the TEAS and applied before I took General Biology which is a pre-req for A&P1 and I got in on my first try. However, I already had a degree and a good GPA. You should call the school and speak to the woman in admissions (cant mention her name) and tell her what you have to go on. She will tell you if you should apply. I ended up taking A&P1 & micro in the fall 2009, then I started in the spring 2010. I had to take the A&PII lecture & lab over the summer before starting NACI.