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Hello, I'm new here and this might be in the wrong forum, but I tried. I'll be starting at Charity School of Nursing in New Orleans soon, and I was wondering if someone could give me a heads up to what the program is like and how... Read More

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    My first day of orientation at charity is the day after tomorrow. Can anyone who has already walked the path PM me and please give me some advice on teachers to ask for and look out for? Thanks and good luck to you if you are still on your journey towards graduation!!

    p.s. To the moderators.....I said PM ME lol

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    Quick question about pre-recs...Do you have to have the Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture and Lab completed by before you apply? Or can you be enrolled, or pending enrollment in it when you apply?

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    It depends on the situation. If you take the TEAS and get a good score, lets say 85-90% and above, that's very important. Do you have a degree already, that counts too. I took the TEAS and applied before I took General Biology which is a pre-req for A&P1 and I got in on my first try. However, I already had a degree and a good GPA. You should call the school and speak to the woman in admissions (cant mention her name) and tell her what you have to go on. She will tell you if you should apply. I ended up taking A&P1 & micro in the fall 2009, then I started in the spring 2010. I had to take the A&PII lecture & lab over the summer before starting NACI.

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