Anyone applying to Charity for Fall 2011??? Anyone applying to Charity for Fall 2011??? | allnurses

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Anyone applying to Charity for Fall 2011???

  1. 0 Anyone out there applying to Charity (CSN) for the Fall 2011 class?
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    I am I brought my application in today.
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    I have also applied the wait will be until December to find out... Good luck to everyone who is applying
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    I am taking the TEAS tomorrow, and I have to bring my application after. I hate waiting until the last minute to do things, but I couldn't get an earlier TEAS date that worked for me. Good luck
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    Hi, I am applying for CNS for Fall 2011 as well. Wishing everyone the best.
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    I did and recieved my acceptance letter yesterday! good luck!!
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    You are the third person to receive a letter yesterday. There is another thread for Fall 2011 on here, and it has more comments than this one. I live on the Northshore, so I'm stalking the mail carrier today; although, I'm not too sure that I am prepared for this yet. I wasn't expecting a decision letter until the second week of December. I feel like my chances are borderline, so I really don't know what to expect. Congratulations!!!
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    Thanks!! and i wish you the best of luck! ill cross my fingers for you!! i stalked my mailbox since the begining of Nov. just waiting on something.
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    Thanks Was it just a letter in a small envelope, or was it a packet of papers?
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    It was in a big pakcet...(but just to let you no i was declined acceptance my first try and it was in a big envelope as well)
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    Thank you so much. I applied to BRCC, and was declined. The letter was one piece of paper in a big brown envelope. I got so excited when I saw the big envelope, and that made it so much worse. My profile score is a 55, and I saw that someone with a 50 got their acceptance letter yesterday. I'm still not getting excited, I'll be excited when I have a letter in my hand. I've been stalking this forum to see how many people have gotten letters, LOL
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    My profile score is a 60, or so im told my the admissions dept. if a person with a score of a 50 got in then you should have a good chance. I dont know what there limit was for the fall 2011 class , but for the spring 2011 class it was a 50, although they did change there profile score sheet this semester.
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    I still have not heard anything, Hmmm.