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Anyone applying to Charity for Fall 2011??? - page 2

Anyone out there applying to Charity (CSN) for the Fall 2011 class?... Read More

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    my friend from class still hasnt heard anything either I wonder what is taking so long...i dk but good luck!
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    I called today & they calculated my GPA incorrectly (actually Delgado had 2 missing classes from transcript that transferred in), so she did my profile score right over the phone & it was 55!!! I'm accepted!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    What I was told is that the number of applications was overwhelming. The advisor was very helpful & called me back later this afternoon after leaving a message for her this morning. She apologized for the error. I would tell your friend to call and leave a message or e-mail an advisor. Please tell her not to give up!!!
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    Congrats! thats exciting! i was going to tell you you should call them, becasue i new someone where her application was lost and never recieved any letter. well thats exciting! im starting in August too.
    Well CONGRATS again!
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    congrats ill be in the august 2011 class too ;-)