Any Louisiana LPN's around??

  1. Just curious, what part of LA do you live in and how is the pay? Do you work in a hospital or something different? I am from LA and plan to move back there after I am finished LPN school. My first day is 1-16-08. Just wondering if it's easy to find a job there.

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  3. by   jmp22
    Hey Guys,

    Hard to get a respnse to this good question, ya'll must be so busy unable to
    comment. I have been speaking withdiffernet hospitals in the area. Would
    appreciate any insight from other LPN's presently working. Which hospitals
    hire, please give us some insight, will be relocating there in a few weeks
    would appreciate any and all info, are you being kept busy working overtime,pay benefits bonuses? Thanks for your time.
  4. by   lilcajunnurse
    :flowersfoI have been an LPN for 13 years and currently work in a hospital setting. I mostly work the Acute care/Med-surg unit, with some ER. My base pay is 18.15/hour. incentive pay is an extra $10.00/hour for a need. and time and a half if called in. We have tuition reimbursment here. Our shift diffs are $2.10 and $2.45 an hour for nights and weekends. We work 12 hour shifts and i average 48 hours a week. So I come out with 8 hours of OT every week. This year I made 60k.
  5. by   mimimartina
    Hi, not working right now, but was not long ago,,worked LTC, base was around $15, but got $18 for years of experience,,,north of Lake Ponchartrain...