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Hello all, I accepted a position at a Kindred LTAC in MA. I was looking in the other forums and came across some posts suggesting a new grad stay away from LTACs. I would appreciate any information or advice anyone has to... Read More

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    Thanks Esme,

    I am not sure what I need to know. I have zero union experience or exposure. I got a copy of the contract and it doesn't look like I have to do anything. I was worried that I would recieve a bill from the the union people but HR let me know that i can have my dues taken out of my check weekly and the amount doesn't seem to be very much. It looks like we get an extra 6 days of vacation and free CEU's from the Massachusetts Nursing Association (the union we are in). I will be meeting with the union rep on my shift on Monday just to say hello.

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    Know your contract. Ask your rep and if they aren't the MNA. All contracts are different. Your dues will start after your probationary period. Check your pension benefits, long and short term benefits. What is your salary/raise step percentage. Do They allow canceling and floating. What is your staffing grievance procedure (important)?

    Which Kindred is Union......interesting.

    I was super at the North Shore.....they were not union then (it would have helped). Some contracts has rules against canceling, floating and holidays, floating period, cancellation times IF they allow cancelling at all. They usually have strict staffing guidelines. I like the MNA....although I was a manager and not a member....I have a few good friends there....

    Know that contract for grievance, staffing, canceling, benefits, discipline, and attendance.....for the administrators will use it as well.
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    It is the Springfield location. I am writing all of these things down to go over them with my rep. Thank you so much for all this information I really appreciate it more than you can imagine.

    One thing I thought was strange, There were about 10 of us in general orientation from all different disciplines (3 RN's) and they kept telling us they would let us know what out orientation schedule would be. They kept putting it off and the CNA's left on Thursday still not knowing their schedules. I stalked the scheduler down to get mine but she had to call the nurse manager to get more info and I left still not knowing when I work or when to come back. She said she would let me know Monday but, I just found it a little strange.
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    Hey everyone i have been reading all the post here and I found it very helpful. I got a job at LTACh and im about to begin my orientation 2 weeks from now. I feel like unprepared of what to expect working on the floor:/ this is my first job by the way.Can anybody give me tips? Im kinda nervous but excited on the other hand. Does anybody feel the same way i felt? Oh gush. :/
    Im glad someone have put up some medsurge sheets at least i could get an idea.
    Im glad that this site is available for tips and support for folks like me.
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    Hi RN1822,

    I see that you recently started working at Kindred as a new grad nurse. I was curious how it's going for you. Are you still on orientation? I just received a job offer from Kindred and after reading all the negative posts about it, I am very nervous and worried about working there. Has your experience been positive? Thanks!
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    I've always wondered...what is a nurse to patient ratio in this setting?
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    Depends, they do acuity staff (when available) but usually....Days/6-7, evenings/7-8, nights/8-10 depending on acuity....they do have CNA's and they try for 1 per 2 nurses.(remember there will be vents in the floor. ICU 3 days/evenings 4 nights+CNA (when available)
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    At my facility, it's 4-6 on days. 5-6 on eves (with an admission sometimes) and 6-7 on nights. I love the days when I get 4!!

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