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Just wondering if anyone out there can let me know what to expect. I've heard that if you can last here for at least a year, you can go anywhere. I don't know how I should prepare or anything!... Read More

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    You are going to learn so much! I did it for 8 mo and I didn't realize how much I knew until I left. You will work with central lines, IV's, G-tubes, feeding tubes, pts. on artificial nutrition, ventilators, total cares, extensive (unstagable wounds), codes, telemetry, cardiac drips, heparin drips, and multi-system organ failure. It is very fast paced and the pts. are SICK. Most people don't realize exactly what LTAcs do. I can't tell you how many people thought it was just LTC and it if not even close to that! I like my new position but it was mistake because the pts. aren't as sick. I feel as if I took a step back, but it is making me look good because I have a lot of knowledge and skills compared to the other nurses. Hoping to transfer to ICU in 6 mo. Anyways-it is stressful and chaotic at first but stick it out for at least 6 mo. You will be able to go anywhere afterwards, but then again you may want to stay. Just don't make the mistake I did and not realize the skills you build there. I down played myself majorly in my interview because I was a new grad and didn't know just how far I had come. That was my only position as a nurse and I didn't have anything to reference until now. GOOD LUCK!