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Hi there! I just graduated this past May and have not been too aggressive about applying (enjoying summer with my kiddos!) but have managed to get into a few hospitals to turn in resume/cover letter in addition to applying... Read More

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    Quote from StinkMomBomb

    ChrissySnowRN, are you at an LTC or a LTAC?... huge difference.
    Sorry, should have clarified, I'll be starting at a Long term care facility.

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    Quote from ChrissySnowRN
    I; dirty facilities, non-compassionate care, rushed to complete med pass and errors, high nurse patient ratios, patients not receiving proper care, I could go on and on.
    Sadly, this is the case all too-often. Great facilities exist, but I've also seen the ugly side of things. That being said, getting passionate RNs into programs that are suffering can only serve too improve conditions!
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    LTC is usually considered a nursing home....LTAC is a long term acute care facility with VERY sick patients, not a nursing home at all.
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    We'll just had my year evaluation and doing well in our LTAC. I have learned so much and am still learning every shift I work!
    I've decided to go for my CCRN to Pursue a specialty. Great place to learn and grow.
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    I am kind of disappointed so far with my LTAC. I've been working for coming on 3 months next week and I had a very informal orientation with absolutely no guidelines for the orientation. It was basically up to the nurse (who was told when he/she arrived on shift) who was orienting me to decide what she/he would teach me. Only now that a nurse who I don't get along with complained about me not documenting a med order correctly (mind you she didn't bring the error to my attention or correct it herself) that I was given an orientation checklist (it took them four days to find this checklist). I went searching for protocols myself and came across a huge "nursing orientation" binder...I showed it to four nurses (two of them charge nurses) and all said they didn't know that binder existed. I've been very bitter lately. Since I started I noticed that most nurses I work with make mistakes on a daily bases and everyone takes shortcuts where they see fit. It bothered me that I was not oriented the way I thought was correct when I began, but I just thought - I will learn as I go, like everyone else has; but since I've been written up I am really angry. Even my writeup was was completely vague and when I asked for it to be specific as to my mistake, the CNO said that she had written it up in a hurry and that it was based on what I had said to her during our sit down...the sit down she called me in for to discuss my "mistake". I was a Staff Sergeant in the Army (as a Network Manager) and I am a good leader/supervisor so I know what they did with me is complete BS. Sorry, I don't want to scare new nurses but I do want to warn you that as a new nurse you have to be above reproach because you are vulnerable (you have no friends or seniority to protect you).
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