It's a good day when...

  1. 1. The deaf resident who rarely speaks, mouths the words "I love you".
    2. The resident who is TOTALLY confused, looks right at you, and laughs at your dumb joke.
    3. The extremely difficult family says "thank you so much!"

    Any Others???
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  3. by   Kelly0314
    aw, very true!
  4. by   jvman
    >It's a great day when your co-worker says they appreciate your sharing knowledge, because you are non-judgmental and supportive!
    >It's an even better day when your PSYCH patient connects the dots and states, I just have to stay on my medications and think before I speak/ act and or meltdown!"
  5. by   echoRNC711
    >when co workers belly laugh together at lunch.r. !

    >when gas is available to get to work (shortage )....And you get a standing ovation for just showing up.

    > when we did the macarena with pts and they got to laugh at me doing it all wrong!

    ok not quite the deaf man speaking but today it was fun!
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  6. by   Indy B
    I'm not LTAC, I work in inpatient acute rehab but I love this thread idea!

    >when our nurses and cnas sit down for our every other weekend Sunday potluck lunch and make each other laugh until we cry, even if it's just for 10 minutes.

    >when that pesky time management thing actually works out and you leave on time without feeling like you've shorted your patients.

    >when that previously aphasic patient says "hi" when you walk in the room to check on them.

    >when you send the stroke patient who couldn't roll over upon admission home with a walker 4 weeks later. Very rare, but incredible to see when it happens.
  7. by   nurseblob
    Thought of another one: when you have extra staff show up, and someone gets to take a "voluntary off".
  8. by   itsmejuli
    I work in a seniors' lodge with 260 residents...

    So....Its a good day when EMS doesn't show up.

    And lately....Its a good day when not one single resident reports GI symptoms. We've been on "outbreak" precautions for a month. Talk about going stir crazy.
  9. by   sommeil
    Its a good day when there are no new admits and I can spend my time with patients instead of Doing paperwork.