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  1. 1 I'm currently working in a law firm, but a neebie at being a LNC (only 3 months). I'm going to be getting a case where I would have to do some research. What have you found are the best websites to use when doing medical legal research? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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    Hello, bknyrn,

    Not knowing exactly what area(s) of research you require, it will be rather difficult to point you in the right direction. Can you narrow down your request w/o discussing any details of the case?
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    For example, where could I find the standards of care for a specific specialty (ANA?). I have found my states Nurse Practice Act to keep on file. Also, when doing research on a medical case, what authoritative sources would you use to substantiate what you are saying. I have heard of Medline, never used it though. Hope this helps narrow it down. Thanks so much.
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    hello again. thank you for the clarification.

    you can purchase soc from the ana. they are available:

    as for medical sources, you can go to each specialty organization and find soc there as well. medline is one source. others include (just to name a few):

    medical links and resources
    medical_health sciences libraries on the web
    online journals
    emedicine online text - emergency medicine

    there are tons of sites and links available. once you know the issues of your case and what specialty area(s) involved, it will narrow down your search.

    if you have other questions or need extra assistance, post here and/or send me a private message.
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    Thank you so much! That will definitely help me.
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    You are very welcome, bknyrn. Any time!!
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    This is why it's so great when someone asks these questions on this forum - so we can all gain the benefit of the answers!

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