Reading medical records, but WHAT ELSE is a CLNC????

  1. i am interested in the clnc program with vm. so far everyone has told me you read over medical records. well that sounds too easy, i know there is other stuff involved but nobody will elaborate. i am trying to find out exactly what is involved and what you actually do with the medical records besides read over them telling the lawyers what they say. i would appreciate any descriptions. i would also love to talk with someone that has taken the vm course in the last 6-8 months. if anyone is willing to talk please send me a pm.

    thanks so much, very confused
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  3. by   sirI
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    sorry that no one will elaborate about the lnc career. have you looked at the milazzo site and read the information there? good outline about the lnc. also, the american association of legal nurse consultants outlines about the lnc career. - milazzo - aalnc

    check out this thread in this forum about the lnc role:

    the role of the legal nurse consultant

    i have not taken the milazzo program in the past few months. i've been certified for a few years now, but will be happy to address any specific questions/concerns. please post here and/or send me a private message.

    hope you enjoy the site.
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    There are alot of things in which a CLNC does. In addition to what the VM web site tells you, you should know that you can choose which of the items you wish to do. If you only want to do certain things, you may choose to do only those things. However, you would be limiting your practice. For further information, you can check out websites of individual CLNC's.
    I have not taken the cert exam yet. I will take it in October in Vegas. I have studied the book, watched the DVD's, and tested from the back of the book. I feel quite confident that I will do well on the exam, and will use the seminar as a review.