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Question about reviewing case and fees

  1. 0 I have been asked to review a case that is not within my specialty, which the attorney knows. Is there a percentage of your specialty fee that you charge for reviewing cases out of your area of expertise?
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    I charge the same fee whether it is in my "specialty" area or not.

    You are a nurse. You know how to apply SOP/SOC across the nursing disciplines.

    If you need input and/or need to workup a case and you are uncomfortable with this because you do not have experience in that area, you can always sub-contract that case.

    But, you should be able to apply standard of care/scope of practice in the review.
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    Thank you. I just wasn't sure and didn't want the attorney to have a heart attack or anything.
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    I understand.

    Don't "undersell" yourself. You are an experienced RN and you know the nursing/medical issues involved. Your expertise is essential on these medically-related cases.
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    I have decided that I will take on a case, and if I find it's over my head (like cardiology or OB - reading strips, for instance) I'll get a subcontractor to do that part for me.

    But I agree with SirI. I'm an RN. I can apply my experience and knowledge to any area of nursing to determine the standard of care and outcome of any given case.

    SirI: What does SOP stand for?
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    SOP=scope of practice.

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