PC requirements for LNC?

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    I'm going to be needing a new computer soon anyway, so wondering if there's anything related to LNC work that I should be looking for? Will just a typical run of the mill laptop work, or is there something special I should look for hardware or software wise? (Other than the case management software mentioned in that thread.)
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    Thanks for asking that; I'd like to know the answer too.
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    As far as getting a laptop, likely with Vista, what should I look for in memory and other specs to support the work and the software?
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    K -- In light of Vista, would recommend a minimum of 2 gigs of RAM.
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    I got on some review sites last night and that seems to be the consensus. Any chance of getting a good laptop for around $500?
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    I had a laptop built to my specifications. I also had it installed with XP Pro as Vista has had too many problems that have not seemed to have been worked out yet. There are also software programs that I prefer to use that have not invested the money in making them Vista compatible due to the ongoing issues with Vista that MS is still trying to work out.

    If you are not super computer savvy yet, you may not notice a difference in how a $500 computer works versus a more expensive model. After you get accustomed to certain things on the computer, you may find that you will want to upgrade to something better. I recommend that you decide what software programs you will be using in your business prior to buying a computer. Some of the software requires large amts of hard drive space as well as RAM and high speed. You will not want to pay for a computer only to find out the software you are planning to use runs poorly or very slowly.

    Buy the best you can afford. You will not regret it.
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    Thanks very much for the info on XP pro vs Vista. My desktop, couple years old, has Vista. Some of my programs don't do well with Vista.

    I did have an HP Pavilion laptop before. Lasted 5 years. Burned up a couple years ago, replaced by the desktop.

    I know you get what you pay for, so I'll get the best I can. Does the XP pro come with the MS Word and Excel?
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    Word and Excel come separately from the operating system. If you would like me to give you some details of what I found, coupons, etc. send me a pm.
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    You can get decent laptops now a days for $500.00 my recomendation is to go with one that you purchase an additional on site repair service. Having it repaired quickly at your home, VS mailing it out and waiting is well worth the investment. Back up all of your data prior to repairs and if you must ship it out, make sure you have no client data on it. As far as computers and operating systems, XP Pro is still the champ. Many people still complain that the vista OS is too slow and does not play well with other programs, or equipment. Most of your off the shelf laptops come with 2Gigs of RAM, but also get one with a decent sized hardrive for storing in formation and any programs you might need. OK I am long winded on computers, but one final word. ENCRYPTION, nothing worse than having your laptop stolen with personal or worse professional data on it. Computers are my speciality, PM me if you need more information.
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    I need a new computer as well and from what I have gathered from these messages is: XP pro and at least 2G. What type of system have you found that works well. I have a Dell and I am not sure if I want to purchase another. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

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