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Legal nurse consultant requirments

  1. 0 What are the requirements for a legal nurse consultant? Because I am thinking about a LNC or a CRNA down the road. thanks
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    LNC and CRNA are very different-do a search online-that may give you the most info.

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    I will share the information I just recieved today when I inquired with the Kansas BON. . LNC is not considered a nursing speciality, you are considered a "legal witness". The rules of qualifications are set by the legal system of each jurisdiction". It appearse that initally contact your BON and ask where you can obtain this information FLTNRE@!
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    the ana considers legal nursing to be a nursing specialty, encompassing legal nurse consulting, case management, and life care planning. the lncc credential is abns certified, the rn-bc for cm is ancc certified, and the cnlcp credential is in the process of completing abns certification.

    otherwise, there is no legal definition or requirement for who may ut themselves out in the market as a lnc. anybody can call him/herself a legal nurse consultant, go out and market to potential customers, and do that kind of work. there are a number of proprietary "certificate" courses out there (milazzo comes immediately to mind) but there is a big difference between a certificate and a certification; ask by which body it is approved.
    check the american association of legal nurse consultants and the american association of nurse life care planners for more information on these specialties.

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