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    Does anyone know if the LNC program from Kaplan College is any good?? Thinking about looking into it. Thanks in advance

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    I took the Kaplan Course and was pleased with it.The only thing was it also prepared you for the functions of a paralegal which can help but, the pay for a paralegal is different than for a LNC.
    Good Luck! Evaluate other programs before starting.
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    Thanks for the reply. Are you doing legal nurse consulting now? If so, how is it going?
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    I took the course and loved it. While I am still
    at the bedside, I use what I learned to help
    people with questions and to improve my own practice. I was also able to help a family member out of legal trouble because of my knowledge of the legal system.
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    I took the Kaplan course and learned a lot. I currently work for a large defense firm. The course helped my to understand more of what goes on in a legal practice. Besides med-mal there are many other areas that require the assistance of a nurse. There's a lot more to this area of practice than reviewing charts and preparing chronologies!
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    currently work for a large defense firm.

    may i ask how you got into this job? i'm finding most law firms want someone with paralegal experience first, then rn experience. i recently started the lnc program at kaplan & have been cruising around the internet looking for what types of places hire lncs.
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    I have learned that you don't have to be certified to be an LNC, but I know SO little about the legal world that I am in the LNC program through Kaplan.

    I have a friend who's a lawyer & she says the same thing you do about attorneys really just wanting your medical knowledge. I need to start thinking of clever ways to market myself. I will be moving to Texas in 5 months & I'd like to start working as an LNC at that time.
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    I started the Kaplan Course but took a loA. It was alot of work. I was enjoying it but kept wondering if I learn all this what does the attorney do? I have also started going to LNC monthly meeting and reading there material which I find helpful and interesting. May go to law school and do this to supplement my income while in school. Maybe over load will think it over. If you take the Kaplan Course break it down. Good Luck!
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    The Kaplan Course is going very well so far. I'm finding the information interesting & seem to be absorbing *most* of it.
    Good luck with law school if that's the route you decide to take!
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    Does Kaplan have a website? Thanks!

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