Kaplan, Canyon College or V. Milazzo? Best choice for LNC?

  1. Any one care to share your thoughts on these programs?
    Thanks I am looking for a program for LNC.. Thanks
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  3. by   shammyrock
    I am also looking for programs have checked into Kaplan on line. This course seems ok cost is about 3,k takes about one year about six hours a week.

    They call you and conduct an interview by phone to see if you are an acceptable candiate. Seems rather silly since it is all on line.

    I also suggest you look into local colleges or nursing schools. I found another program at Pace Unviersity's school of nursing which offers the same certificate.
  4. by   BrendaRNLNC
    Quote from Monica RN,BSN
    Any one care to share your thoughts on these programs?
    Thanks I am looking for a program for LNC.. Thanks
    I went through Kaplan College when it was a program that was about 50 ish credits. It has since changed to make it more Nurse friendly. I thought it was a wonderful program and it has helped me greatly with my career in Legal Nursing. The papers you submit are graded by actual attorneys and are very helpful.
    Hope this helps, Brenda
  5. by   Allaroundnurse
    If you want to be able to have an attorney who is familiar with the abilities of an LNC really take note of your work have the LNC behind your name not the CLNC. Once you have the hours needed to become certified then you can be an LNCC which is a national recognized certification. Anyone can certify you in anything, it is the ANCC certification that you need.

    It takes about 2 years to get the hours that you need. I am a dialysis nurse and to take our initial CNN which is our national certification, from ANCC also, takes about 2 years to get the hours required.

    Our local LNC's have a chapter and are strong. I don't know what happened to the person who didn't get a call back but our local chapter meets every month on a Saturday so that we can talk about issues that I have seen posted here.

    LNC just like nursing has many different ways that it can be used. I worked in Quality Management and now that I have my LNC I work with our Legal team. You can make of it what you want.

    As you can see I am pro University, I didn't take the Kaplan LNC but am looking at their Forensic program. Our University had a program taught by RN, JD's and it was great. In fact one of my instructors wrote a book on LNC so I feel lucky to have had and continue to have that kind of support behind me.