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Hi I am a nurse with 6 yrs of critical care experience in a prestigious manhattan hospital . I have been interested in going into legal nurse consultant for quite some time now. I have not had any... Read More

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    Kudos to the tips you have given for starting out as a consultant, but can an LPN start out as a consultant if so how.

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    Bklynbaby--funny thing is I know exactly what law firm you are talking about! I'm in NY too and don't want to post it on the forum and I could not pm you.
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    As a licensed attorney and a MSN, I work as a Legal Nurse Consultant for a major insurance carrier. I can imagine the salary offered by the law firm seemed very low for you. However, without a legal and/or claims background I do not think that with just a "course" or certification course that you will find yourself marketable at $150 an hour.

    Could you work at the law firm part time on the days you do not work 12 hours? The experience you will get there and they will pay YOU $15 to teach you. Better than paying any course in my recommendation.

    Law firms either pay consultants who have extensive experience in a particular clinical area that relates to that case which can make it a lonely field if your only experience is in say one area. An online course will not teach you the legal and claims arena. It takes exposure and experience mixed with your medical background to usually be a successful LNC.

    Good luck. I say find a part time gig at a law firm or ask to do some record interpretation for them, for peanuts if need be. Without the experience, certification won't help......they will not even begin to pay you what you making now.

    I love the work. But rather be a nurse practitioner. Nursing is more fun than lawyers.
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    I'm currently working on joint degrees in nursing and law and $15 for a legal nurse consultant is way below the average here in CA. I'm inclined to think that is hardly worth your time and effort. Good luck!
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    I just completed a two year paralegal degree. Most of the nurse consultants in my area work as a contract employee getting anywhere from $75-100/hr. *but no benefits). However, i would rather be fulltime for the benefits. It takes alot of networking and handing out alot of resumes in person - but the rewards are worth it.

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