Cut thru the Glitz and get me some reality on LNC's

  1. Sorry, but Im kinda sick of looking at Vickies big smile and would like some reality here.

    How realistic is it for someone who doesnt live anywhere near a giant city with law firms on every corner to get into this business? Im really not looking to make a zillion $ and cannot imagine the words "my fees are $125 an hour" EVER coming out of my mouth. Is there some normal plane of existence for this speciality or is it only for people who already move in exalted circles?

    I have the RN experience, I have self employment/small business experience, I have the genuine drive to succeed at this but fear I am already out of the running because I do not have ready access to a local market. I know I could do this, except for the part about running downtown in my glitzy suit to visit all the lawyers- no downtown, no glitzy suit, few lawyers in a 100 mile radius. Am I crazy to even think about trying to do this from my remote area? Thanks to any replies.
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  3. by   Aviationurse
    CLNC since 2008 ...cant even get a volunteer job for med mal law firms here in the big city....still paying my student loans to pay VIM.....and getting nasty calls if i get late paying..attending a lot of AALNC meetings...but they dont have leads just a PRN member of the AALNC in my local area as i cant afford to pay the steep membership fees for the AALNC.It does look glitzy with rock star salary in the ads....
    Best Wishes to your quest in Legal Nursing...
  4. by   lindarn
    Unfortunately, the, "Amway of Legal Nurse Consulting", had flooded the market with Legal Nurses. I have had more than one attorney tell me that, "Legal Nurses are a dime a dozen". And they are right.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN,BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
  5. by   Sianhayes
    Took CLNC, did not get any work despite marketing. Can't even get into the Risk department in my own health care group.25 years as an ER nurse/manager. Great experiences but cannot get my foot in the med-legal door!
  6. by   HannahLeah
    Thanks guys, somehow I knew I would hear that. apparently the real money is in convincing others to try to do it and charging THEM a ball of money..........
  7. by   Sianhayes
    It was a great course! I loved it! It really helps you in your thought process and documentation. But getting a job is another issue!
  8. by   HannahLeah
    I dont doubt it was a great learning experience or that it is one I would love to have, BUT, its the reality that bites............. great learning experiences that cost a ton and dont pay back are a luxury I cannot afford. I asked for a reality check and got one, thanks!

    ............... (my footprints while slinking back to the trenches)
  9. by   Aviationurse
    I have met BOARD OF DIRECTORS /DIRECTORS AT LARGE with AALNC and are not even certified with
    legal nursing...Ive also met a lot of CLNC/AALNC members who have spent
    their last money investing in education /conference for years in both AALNC/NACLNC but no job....finally they stopped certifying and leaving membership for both...
    Sad ....