1. Does anyone have any feedback on the Vickie Melazzio Institute for CNLC (certified nurse legal consultant) program? Is there anyone who knows of a successful RN from this program, especially someone from Iowa? Thanks for the input.
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    Mydixie, I highly recommend that you check out The Center for Legal Nurse Consulting program based in Charlotte,N.C. I just finished the program, which is very comprehensive, and feel very prepared for this field. I did all of mine per "home study" option and don't see how anyone could be remotely prepared for this after a 6 day course. I studied EVERYDAY for hours for 2 months and passed the cert. exam with flying colors! It is also much less expensive to do from home and membership tO THE "American Society of Legal Nurse Consultants" is available to you. Check it out!
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    hello, mydixie, and welcome to

    good to have you join the site. i moved your thread to the legal nursing forum for a better response.

    there are several members here who are certified with the milazzo program (clnc - certified legal nurse consultant). and, others are educated via other programs.

    check out the sticky threads (found at the top of this forum) about the milazzo program, the amercian nurses association legal nurse consultant online program, and the kaplan program.

    vickie milazzo clnc program

    aalnc legal nurse consulting online course


    good luck with your decision to be educated as a legal nurse consultant. if you have specific questions regarding the milazzo program or any program for that matter, please post here. i'll be happy to assist you.

    enjoy the site.