Any LNC and FN Entrepreneurs here?

  1. Currently I am a CLNC (brand new) and I am taking the Forensic Nurse Cert. at Kaplan. Is there anyone who is consulting as both? I am starting my own LNC business and eventually want to incorporate forensic nursing into it.
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  3. by   sirI
    Congratulations on your CLNC, lecavalier4.

    There is one member here who is doing this. Maybe this member will come on and post.

    Good luck with your business and with the Kaplan program.
  4. by   Tilda25
    I worked for 2 years as a nurse paralegal (7 years as a paralegal prior to nursing school), and I have also worked as a SANE-A prior to going to work full time as a school nurse. Tell me about your business. I have not started any kind of business.
  5. by   mea26
    have you done any lnc work? i didnt know if you were just getting certified to doboth at the same time or if you already had the other and are now doing the forensics stuff
  6. by   lecavalier4
    I received my LNC certification in August. I have been trying to build my business since. I am currently in a FN course at Kaplan University online. But, I do not like it and I think I am going to transfer to a university in my town. I read that you have recently became a LNC (congratulations!). Are you also a FN or considering FN-ing?
  7. by   mea26
    gosh i am trying to getmy lnc plane off the ground. trust me, that is an endeavor in itself.
  8. by   lecavalier4
    I totally agree!!!!
  9. by   KC4NSICRN
    Do any of you have updates on what you're doing now? I'm a Forensic Nurse and started a Legal Nurse Consulting business after losing my full time FN job post storm ( that big one in the south).

    This week, I'm preparing to do my first exhibit at a Legal EXPO, so I'm working on my brochure. Has anyone done a comparison chart on the prices that MD's vs. LNC's charge to show the lawyers the savings they would have if they used us instead? I want to showcase this.

    Lee, how is your business coming along? Kaplan used ME in their promotional materials without my permission ( I don't really mind), when advertising their FN certificate program. Did you ever switch to the local school?
  10. by   sirI
    Quote from KC4NSICRN

    This week, I'm preparing to do my first exhibit at a Legal EXPO...
    Hello KC4NSICRN

    Just checking in with you to see how the exhibiting came along?? Let us know.

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