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i know this board is for lnc - but i am thinking of going all the way and going to law school. just trying to get any ideas of what schools might be the best and how much a nurse lawyer makes? walter :eek:... Read More

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    Hello, pazzaragazza, and welcome to the Legal Nursing forum.

    Thank you so much for your input.
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    Hi, Pazzaragazza!
    I had a great teacher for Political Science in college. He was a lawyer before he started to teach. He was saying that if he could go back, he would never become a lawyer and that he lost so many years of his life doing his intence job. At that point I was deciding between a law school or medicine and I choose to go nursing. I have a Paralegal degree (AA from community college) and after I finish my nursing degree, I would try to combine both. (I actually haven't even started nursing yet, but I applied for BSN and hopefully will start in January 2010)
    Good luck in your MSN. Who are you trying to become?
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