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    Well, I got an email today from the RN-BSN advisor. Seems UK is not recognizing my Associate's degree. I'll call admissions tomorrow to find out whats going on. IMO if I meet the requirements for admission to the College of Nursing, I should be admitted to the University as well. I absolutely refuse to do a 4 year program because of money which IMO a school not recognizing another's degree due to accreditation is all about.

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    Zoobyli- where is your degree from? What is it in? That is strange that they won't accept it.
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    Associate of Science in Nursing from Galen College. It not accredited in the same system that UK and other major schools are...but they are working on it. So, from UK's standpoint they are not an accredited school. Hmmm, was able to sit for and pass boards on the first try with 75Q's.

    I need to see if the CON will accept any of my nursing classes. Otherwise it looks like I'll be getting my Bachelor's from University of Phoenix which is waaay more expensive than UK is.
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    Of course all this is probably moot since I'm still jobless. No job=no school.

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