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My wife was attending Spencerian College here in Louisville back in the Spring when her and 12 other students were expelled from the program. It was near the end of the semester and they had a final exam which 13 students failed... Read More

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    Thanks again!!! I am going to try to work this situation out before it is necessary to call the attorney. I will keep you posted.

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    Ok, WHAT!? They failed to make the C's the first time correct? Why where they even let to retake the test? To me, these students should be out.
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    Unfortunately, Spencerian is still living up to their old reputation. I am currently attending the evening PN program at Spencerian and it's a joke...They are extremely disorganized, the instructors could careless about the students or even being there to teach, and the Dean hasn't once lived up to his end of the bargain as an instructor. Let me break it down for you...

    He is our teacher for PN104...

    Exam 1: Highest grade in the class was a 82
    Exam 2 (take home test): Taken over 3 weeks ago and still haven't received it back
    Exam 3: Taken over 2 weeks ago and still haven't received it back and 25 of the question came from Exam 2
    Exam 4 (take home test): most of the questions on this exam were the same as the previous 3 test so I decided to really focus on the test and look up all the answers (even if I knew the correct one)...come to find out that a lot of the answers that I thought were correct, were actually wrong so I answered them incorrectly twice.

    The final is next Tuesday and we have yet to see Exams 2-4. Although Exam 4 was just turned in tonight. I am very upset about how things are being handled...So it seems to me that I might be hitting that attorney route as well if they do not correct the issue because it states in the handbook that instructors have 24-48 hours to return graded paperwork back.
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    I am so sorry to hear of another group of students being subjected to this incompotent organization. If I were you and the rest of the class who feels this way, I would try and get the Board involved, call Representative Yarmuth and the Metro councilperson for that district. The school needs to be shut down. There is enough evidence there for the school to be closed. Good luck and I hope the next post I see is that the school has lost again.
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    Thanks for the support...I have been to the Dean of Nursing (also my teacher) on two separate occasions...My next step is to the Dean of the college...If things do not change then I will be headed to the board ...This is suppose to be my lifelong career and right now I do not feel as if I am being prepared for that. They are charging way too much money for the education that we are receiving...seems to me that I could learn a lot more at an area high school! I will keep the other names you have suggested as I may need them down the line...we shall see how Tuesday goes for the final!
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    I am sorry for the way you feel, i am attending nursing there as well and our instructor WILL not let us review our previous tests and the questions repeatedly appear on the following exams and quizzes including the final this week. I can understand completely what you are saying. Every college I have ever attended has allowed students to review their exams after completion. I learn from my mistakes and will usually remember answers that were incorrect on tests, so it really bites that we cannot review these exams. I don't think the school should be shut down, I feel that they are truly trying to improve and their board pass rates have shown this in the last year, however, they need to assert more value on student feedback. It is nearly impossible to get an appointment with the director of the program and I think sometimes people in high places forget what it is like to be a student and they seem to forget that OUR $20,000 annual tuition pays their salaries! Some instructors there are truly valuable and are there because they love and want to teach and some will be glad to help students out when needed, however, in my experience the more letters behind an instructor's name, the less they seem to care. But, this is just an opinion and everybody has one!!!
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    I totally agree with you...I have come across a few (not very many) instructors that do care and do want you to learn. However, the only way to learn is by making mistakes, but if you do not know when you made the mistake then you do not have the opportunity of learning. Which is evident in my current class...We had three test with at least 5 of the same questions on all three test....It wasn't until the 3rd test and me using all available resources that I realized I had been answering these questions wrong all along. Now had I had the opportunity to review the first test I would have known those answers were wrong and it would have given me the opportunity to go back and look up exactly why they were wrong, thus the learning process. That is where my frustration comes in to play...and you are right the more letters behind ones' name the less they seem to care. I have learned that the only way I will make it through the program is to teach myself outside of class and that is what I am doing....It's pretty pathetic that you have to use the help of nursing instructors from other schools to get you through a program, but for me this is my career and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it!!
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    I am currently in my third quarter in the lpn program days and as far as teachers go, I cant really complain. except for 1 or 2, I have had good instructors. the rn program is about to go under though, which makes me sad because I wanted to go straight thru but may have to sit out, get my lpn, and go somewhere else. if you want to know the low down as to what is really goin on there though, email me privately.
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    Hi i go to the evening program there and i would love for to hear what u have to say u can email me at mammyjeano@hotmail.com

    Thanks Alot!
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    I work with a Nurse that went to Louisville spencerian. Her and many others are in a lawsuit with the school. The school has been under investigation. Many Hospitals do not reconize the Spencerian degree for RN and can't get hired. They have gone to another school and had to start over because none of the credits can be trasnferrible..Beware and Good Luck

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