PAX-PN entrance score for Galen - page 2

The minimum required extrance exam score for the PAX-PN was 92 and I received a 126. I was wondering how my test score compared to others to get into Galen. I am applying for the April 2010 quarter... Read More

  1. by   yolandalpn
    Congrats ARB86! Thats awesome!!!

    Im from CA & will be moving to Tampa in 2 months to go to Galen (LP then LP to RN bridge). I will be taking the PAX-PN test in 2 weeks and just got my study guide for PAX-PN (about 400 pages). Do you recommend that I study the entire book? Im sooo nervous about this test. Its been about 10 years since I was in school and Im not a good test taker. Any advice? Thank you!
  2. by   ARB86
    Do you have the NLN Pax-Pn book recommended by Galen? If so, this is the same book I used to prepare and it had very valuable test prep topics and questions. There is really no way to "study" this book...just to give you a VERY CLOSE example of what the test will be like.

    The thing that will get you the most is the time! Only an hour per section...and it flys by! If I had to do again I would have paid attention to my watch and made better time...not having to scurry to finish. Review your basic science n physics...i gave examples in my earlier post. But honestly....if you review the book and know how to get through the math then your golden!! I guessed so many so I didnt eat all my time maybe practice timing urself??? Its only as tough as u make it......and its been 7 yrs since school for me...its not bad.promise!
  3. by   ARB86
    And duhhh.. I forgot the best part.... I passed!!
  4. by   yolandalpn
    Yay!!! Congrats on passing!!! This is soo great & exciting to start a new phase in your life. Thank you for the info. I too have not been in school for a while now & Im completely changing careers.

    I hope I pass the test and get accepted to the full time program that starts Aug 15. Did you get accepted yet? How does the financial aid process work?
  5. by   ARB86
    No! Im still waiting for my acceptance letter!!
  6. by   yolandalpn
    OMG!!! Im soo inpatient and don't like waiting! Please keep us posted.
  7. by   yolandalpn
    Did you get your acceptance letter yet?
  8. by   ARB86
    Yes. Finally! On Friday the 13th no less!
  9. by   pink6681
    hi! can anyone help read my scores? does galen go by the composite score or the total amount of questions answer right in the raw score?
  10. by   ARB86
    Hello! They go by your COMPOSITE score ! 92 lpn and 96 rn to pass and be considered for acceptance. Good luck!
  11. by   pink6681
    Thank you so much for clearing it up!! I pass the test!
  12. by   Simoh
    omg!am so scared having to take the pax exam on saturday...i don't know if am fully prepared or not...i need advise...what am i going to face?is it too difficult?cuz i suck in maths
  13. by   Simoh
    omg thats so great.i can't tell you how sacred i am...i don't wanna mess this taking mine on saturday.

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