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Hey guys, I'm applying to ECTC's nursing school for Fall 2013. Is anyone else out there applying? Has anyone heard about how competitive its going to be this year?... Read More

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    Sweet! How many co-reqs do you have left? I'm telling ya, I truly thought this past week was "the week"! I was anticipating the mail every single day and even checked myself one of those days to just get the anxiety over with! Again, this should be "the week"! LOL! That would be outstanding if we actually got an email saying yay or nay. But on a sentimental note, I prefer and look foward to the
    paper version!! Somehow it seems less robotic and impersonal!
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    I finished all of the co-reqs last semester. What about you? Did you have any classes that you absolutely loved?

    This HAS to be the week! Any further and they'll push into may... But also because this anticipation has me going crazy!
    I do have to agree with your last sentiment. As much as I really want that instant gratification, the process is definitely something I wouldn't want to change. I've talked with other friends about waiting for their letters and its nice bonding over the shared anxiety haha
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    My math this semester is my last pre-req and Micro and Eng II are my last co-reqs. Knocking them out this summer. I don't think there's been any of this that's been my favorite! I have enjoyed the anatomies and math classes though! So if this is the time it takes to sort through the Fall application pool, what does Spring look like I wonder?
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    I didn't take micro at ECTC but it was my favorite so far. Good luck with it

    I have some news about the letters, one of my friends called yesterday to ask if they went out and so far they haven't. Spring must be twice has crazy! I wonder how many applicants they sort through every semester!
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    Did anyone else receive an acceptance letter today? Good luck to all
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    Amthom, I got mine today too! Congratulations! August can't come soon enough!
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    Congratulations to you too! August will be here before we know it. I can't wait to send my letter back and get the packet with more information.