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Hey all, i am currently in LPN school and will graduate in Dec, but my hubby is in the Army and there is a good chance we will be relocating to Ft. Knox area. I was wondering what the rate of pay is... Read More

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    thank you! i'll look into it... so would this gpa be from my lpn school then? or high school i wonder?
    It was based on the pre-req classes.....not sure if your LPN classes would transfer or not. This would be something I would ask. Another good school is St. Catharines it is located just a little ways from Bardstown. I went to ECC for my pre-reqs, & attended St. Catharines for my ADN. I had people from Louisville in my classes at both schools. St. Catharines also does not have a waiting list & goes by GPA, entrance exam, essay, & interview process. St. Catharines is pricey, & is a private Catholic school. I don't think you could go wrong w/either one of them! I don't think St. Catharines has a bridge....but you could check.Good Luck
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    well it's looking pretty good that by this time next year we will be moving to fort knox, so i'm definetly looking into the schools around there!

    So does anyone know about how much the pay rate is for LPN's there in that area?
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    Your best bet is to work in Louisville, KY. NortonHealthcare.com is a great place to search jobs. They have a great scholarship program that you can apply for to assist you financially to go back to school. My husband had to dedicate 16 months for the 8k he got from the scholarship. However, if you are looking for high pay.. Your best bet is Long Term Care. Yeah, i'm sure its not what you want to hear. But that is where the money is. I currently work at a Nursing home making 20/hr. Wander why i don't go to the hospital. $$$